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Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

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Leslie C.

Did not like this bronzer..very very blotchy , climbed to my dry spots and accentuated them ...has pigmentation but it looked like I applied cocoa powder instead of a bronzer on my face..not repurchasing this product

Nani W.
cheaper and great value!!

For this product to be so cheap, I was scared to by it. It was only 4 dollars so I decided to try it and I'm glad I did! When you blend the different colors and swirl your brush around. you get a blend of different colors that goes on smooth and matches your skin tone, depending on how much you apply

Emily W.
This is not a bronzer, oops.

I picked this up on my last jaunt through Target thinking it was a matte multitonal bronzer. Whoops. It's an extremely sheer pressed powder! However, I rather like it as a setting powder. It is very lightweight and doesn't rough up my dry patches, and helps keep my foundation looking nice all day. Even applied alone it helps even skin texture (kind of a slight blur effect) and reduce shininess. A happy accident indeed.

Jenny L.
Great for the price!

Good pink cheek color, lasts a good 6 hours at most i'd say, but I don't mind reapplying and touching up for the price! Why spend 20$ or more at Sephora when you can get this for 5$, lasts long enough, and lasts forever when applied everyday!

Naomi G.
The most amazing pink blush for CHEAP!

I love this blush! Ive been using it for a few years now. I always end up repurchasing it! AMAZINGGGG! You will LOVE IT. It last forever and it's super cheap at the drugstore! This is a very underrated brand!

Laura G.
mostly of time look on this products new york color

i just looking for some color for my cheek even the pink. cost me between by 4. blender on the cheek. look great. perfect. i can see how look am i. i look nice. so i like new york color products if i dont have anything i m sure will buy some which i dont have any. i just enjoyed the review.

Destiny G.
Love it!

I've been using this product for about a year and i love it, i use it in the darkest shade 'All Over Bronze Glow' and use it as a blush, applying to my temples and cheek bones, before applying a peachy/orange blush. It doesn't have any shimmer it in so it doesn't give me that dewy look but gives my skin the most amazing glow. Really does make me look sun kissed. Very affordable. I use it everyday :)

Bria K.

I have the mosaic face powders in All Over Bronze Glow, Pink Cheek Glow, and Translucent Highlighter Glow. I love them. I also love that none of the shades I got have shimmer or glitter, like a lot of the more affordable bronzers/blushes do. When I'm going for a day to day flawless face I don't need glitter on my cheek. These have definitely become a staple in my kit.