Lip Butter

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Rochelle R.
Photo of product included with review by Rochelle R.

Packaging: it really practical to pockets and it has a nice idea of the product.

Scent: it is kinda like a chocolate and vanilla scent and be a little overwhelming but I like the scent.

Moisturizing: the texture is really creamy and it is super moisturizing and that makes it a good night lip balm.

Overall product: really moisturizing and nice smell and test but the ingredients... There are some I can't even pronounce. 8/10

Lisa X.
Shame for shame😔

No good 😔👎, I bought this and it was horrible! This makes my lips more dry than ever!!!!! 😔, it got the nice smell and all but it doesn't moist ur lips. I would never use this again.👎

A S.

I tried to love this so much, but I just hate it... When I put in on for the first 5 seconds it does work, but after that it feels like you have a sheet or a wet plastic bag on your lips.

Jessi W.
Makes my lips hydrated.

I love this lip butter. It's great for when my lips are dry and peeling. It heels them right up. Plus, it has no scent. This lip butter hydrates and moisturizes my lips. It's very portable too. You can take it anywhere. It's a great lip butter!

Amber H.
I really wanted to like this

This stuff was ok. It smelled pretty good, and was not bad at being moisturizing, but unfortunately it started to make the area around my mouth break out really bad. It looked terrible and even started to hurt and dry out.

Aspen O.

It was amazing! I found it in my moms bathroom and thought ok ill give it a try, it moisturized my lips like nothing else! I used up what she had because I used it so often. It was amazing! I recommend to all:)

Renay T.

I just loooooove this stuff so much. The scents are to die for, first of all.

The lip butters feel so amazing on my lips, definitely like "butter" lol. Very soothing and moisturizing. Love love love. I always repurchase every time I'm in stores!

Edith D.

One of the best lipbutters I've tried! It's so moisturising and it makes your lips feel so soft and well looked after! I would definitely recommend it to others!?If you want to buy it, then go for it - it's worth it!

Janet B.

First and foremost, I have to say, this has the most yummy flavour ever! Its's like those little lolly pop that everyone used to eat in primary school! The texture is smooth and shee, it doesnt seem to be oil based like other lip balms, so it feels like silk on my lips. It is soo good, by only problem with it is that the size is quite small, if the tin were a little bit bigger, it would get a full five stars from me!

lysia w.
Pretty good

This is a wonderful type of moisturizer for things like before bed, after scrubbing lips, or before applying lipstick. I will say if u apply this on before lipstick it will make it creamer and more soft 👄