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Natasha Denona

Phenomattic Flawless Texture Foundation


Samina  M.
Good oil control with a lovely soft matte effect

Been experimenting with new foundations this year - my skin tone is a medium deep and VERY oily ... they say this will make me "age" well ... Hmmm :) I wanted to try out a matte foundation for my oily skin plus I was curious that Phenomattic foundation is "self-setting" i.e. no powder is required after application.

My other foundation colour comparisons:

1) MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC43.5 (apparently not available in the states? But is available in other countries) - close match in shade. 2) Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX11 - this is slightly more yellow in tone than the Phenomattic #7, which is a hint deeper; it really is a bisque shade. 3) Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Fluid SF08 - the Phenomattic #7 is a tad warmer + deeper. 4) Natasha Denona Glow #75 - very close match in shade + warmth.

Product texture: It's a light cream + not greasy with zero shine/illumination.

Application: Primed skin with the ND Lifting Primer Anti-aging Serum. After colour correcting/concealing, dotted the foundation over my face then used a foundation brush to gently buff all over. Easy to work into the skin. The foundation tube comes with a pump - 1 pump was enough for my whole face.

It sets within a minute and leaves a beautiful soft matte effect. It did not leave a dry cakey look in appearance or to touch. Didn't feel like I was wearing anything. I even tested out the transferability of the foundation by pressing (not rubbing) a white tissue firmly to various parts of my face a few minutes after application and again after several hours of wear. The tissue remained white! With firm rubbing of the tissue, there obviously was some transfer.

Oil control: Excellent! I'm not sure how the foundation will work without a primer, but with my primer, I have not had to use any blotting papers at all during the whole day.

The only powders I ended up using on my face was my blush and to set my concealer. I want to pair the Phenomattic foundation with the ND Eye Light Highlighting concealer, since it's also supposed to be self-setting with no need for powder.

If you've got oily skin, this foundation is definitely worth a try. And don't worry if you're "mature" in age ... I consider myself youthful but ain't a spring chicken anymore :) The matte look of this foundation stayed smooth throughout the day.

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Ann W.
Nice product...

Does what it says. Nice, creamy texture, matte finish, evens skin tone well and covers imperfections. I didn't need powder, which is a plus. Not too heavy, not too light. A bit dry, but that's to be expected with a "true matte." I did break out using this product unfortunately, which happens to me with most foundations and I haven't been able to identify the culprit ingredient(s). It's me, not you Natasha Denona Phenomattic Flawless Foundation!

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