Cooling Shadow/Liner


Christina L.
Black Frost

I love these! For the price, the quality is very good. I use this as a base for almost all of my smokey eyes or whenever I use black eye shadow. It goes on smoothly and is not difficult to blend. I would definitely buy more :)

Katie W.
Copycat for Benefit "High Brow"!

Once again, I stood in Ulta holding some $20+ product thinking "there's gotta be a cheaper alternative". Today it was the Benefit "High Brow" pencil - a super pale, icy pink applied below your brow arch for highlight and lift. Then I spotted the Maybelline Cool Effect pencils. I had tried them years ago & really liked them. Turns out the color "Ice Princess" is alllllmost identical to the Benefit pencil. It's a pale pink, creamy, "fat" pencil with a nice sheen to it (not glittery or shimmery) just a slight pearly sheen. And true to its name, it does feel cool when applied, which feels great on tired eyes.

I think you'll like using "Ice Princess" as a brow highlighter, but they're all great for liner and shadow as well.

Sofia M.

These came out years ago and they got discontinued, so I'm curious to know where all these other ladies got them so recently :) but I loved these they were so cool and fairly blendable from what I can remember. I had a whole bunch and I would layer them on each other to make my own colors. And the cooling sensation was very nice too!

Christine A.
Pretty good product..

Pretty good while it lasted. Why I say that? When I wasn't even close to having used it all the product fell right out of the pencil- whole. I tried to put it back in and use it, but it would just keep sliding out. I might have enjoyed this more had I been able to use it fully.

Theresa G.

I was hoping this would be a dupe for NYX jumbo pencils when I can't find the NYX pencils but unfortunately there are not alike. These go on smooth but doesnt have the lasting effect.

Melissa B.
Not Worth The Money

I realllly regret buying this, this broke in 2 ways after only having it for less than a week, but I kept trying to use it anyway so I could see the quality of the product. So how this broke is that the center (the shadow) fell out of the pencil, then the shadow broke right in half! This product is not creamy at all, its very hard, and you have to push down hard and go over your eye many times to get it to go on and go on evenly. Mine tends to kinda go on chunky, which can be blended with my finger, but it shouldn't do that in the first place. Plus this "pencil" is very hard to find a sharpener that works good on it.