Pure Marula Facial Oil


Debbie S.
Best Face Oil on the market!

I've used this for the past two years, and it's seriously THE best facial oil on the market!! The only doctor-approved facial oil with 60% more antioxidants than argon oil. Takes a bit to soak completely into your skin, but once it does, your complexion will be radiant!!! Especially great for more mature skin highly in need of long-lasting moisture.

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Janine B.
Best Face Oil I have tried!

I have been on a mission lately to find the perfect face oil. I recently had a baby and was missing that "pregnancy glow" I had for 9 months straight. This one has totally delivered in every aspect. I wanted something that did not clog pores or break me out, that feels luxurious and hydrating, smells good and actually makes a difference in the appearance of my skin. This oil actually does all of that! You can even use it as a primer for your makeup, because it dries to a matte finish. I love the fact that this oil has more antioxidants than argan oil (60% to be exact) and is full of omega acids. I have discovered that this oil is a great deal more moisturizing than argan oil. If you apply it at night, you will wake up with baby soft, glowing skin. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, I can also appreciate the fact that this oil is doctor approved and clinically studied to show efficacy. That alone makes it worth every dollar spent, because it is proven to work!! The 1% essential oil blend gives it a very lovely subtle scent as well. Lastly, the bottle looks so pretty sitting on my vanity!

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Melanie C. Team
the only facial oil you will ever need

I am a huge HUGE advocate for facial oils in your nighttime routine. Skin feeling a bit tight and dry? Facial oil. Flakey skin? Facial oil. Want that nice glow? Facial oil. It all started the day I was introduced to the legendary Shu Uemura cleansing oil line and from that day forward, I couldn't get my hands on enough oil related products (especially after learning that contrary to belief, oil does NOT make you more oily, oil and oil cancel each other out). I've tried argan oil, that Tarte Marujuca oil, the Nude skincare one, the list goes on and on but this one is by far my favorite of the bunch. It smells delightful, light, not strong, sinks in very well and doesn't leave a greasy residue all over. Rather, it absorbs pretty fast. In the morning, my skin looks refreshed and glowy, less tight and just overall, amazing? I'm blessed with pretty amazing skin the majority of the time so when I notice in the morning that my skin looks extra amazing, whatever I used the night before is downright going to get big points from me!

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Trisha W.
I LOVE what this does for my skin! I am a little late to the facial oil train. I have combo skin and while I know all the facts it's still been hard to add oil to my already oily face! I realized that using this am/pm was to much for my skin but using it at night after I cleanse my face is just perfect for me! It's definitely repairing my skin as I sleep. I can visibly see that my skin tone has evened out and it's calmed down my redness. My skin feels softer, fuller and balanced. It's important that if you are using it in the morning that you give it a good 10-15 minutes to absorb into your skin. Otherwise you will see it breaking down your makeup. Also you don't need to use much if you are normal, combo or oily! A very small amount will be sufficient! In terms of application I have found that it's best to pat it all over and then rub it in!

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