Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation


Dena M.
Amazing quality- Just watch the color you pick!

I was a little heart broken when Duo Matt was going away for this product. Being that I am a super all-over oily girl with discoloration as well. Full coverage is my best friend. After learning from one of the Artist from the brand the difference between the two, I really had to give this product a try. And I must say, it is defiantly a better choice & a go-to product in my everyday makeup routine!

The look is so natural, but you still have an amazing coverage. There is more coverage in Pro Finish that Duo Matte due to the bio-mimetic pigments that are created to give a soft finish with max coverage similar to using a primer before your foundation. It fills and smooths as well. So you don't have to use a primer before. I believe they also took the Talc out, so there is less worry when it comes to break outs. I really like this product dry vs wet. But keep in mind although the number system is the same as the HD Foundation, I would go a shade or two (or three) lighter ( I'm 177 in HDF, and 174 in PF), so you balance out. It took 6 years to make this product, and I'm happy with the end result!

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Mimi E.

Love love love!!!! This powder is great for anyone! Even those who's skin type is dry. You can use this powder wet or dry. Dry gives you a matte finish and full coverage if you build it. Wet gives you a more sheer to medium coverage with a satin finish.

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Noemi S.

I love this product so much! I bought it when I had a lot of dry patches and this was the only foundation that wouldn't enhance that!! It works well as a setting powder if lightly dusted on liquid foundation..

Nicole A.

This is amazing. I am Olive toned Italian with super oily skin, this powder withstood all the oil and still looks great. I can use it alone or over my liquid foundation. I never touch up and only have to blot maybe twice in a 10 hr period. A must have for oily skin xxoo

Victoria E.
Go-to foundation.

I was super excited to try this. And when I did, the coverage it gave me was incredible. I never thought I could get such a full coverage from a powder foundation. I use a packed brush to put it on rather than the enclosed sponge, and using it wet was a little tricky when I tried it. The product is definitely best dry. The only downside is that the product does darken once you apply it, rather than keeping its true shade. Especially if you apply it over any sort of bb cream or liquid foundation. So you definitely want to make sure you try different shades on your skin.

Danika J.

This foundation is AMAZING!!! Being an oily skinned girl with a fair share of hyper-pigmentation I wasn't sure there was a powder foundation that could give me the coverage I desired without making me look too matte or chalky (I prefer a smooth velvety finish like I get with MUFE Mat Velvet +). Well there is! ProFinish can be used wet or dry (I prefer dry) and it leaves the skin looking naturally flawless. When choosing a shade you will have to go lighter than you might naturally think as this powder oxidizes (gets darker) after application. This foundation was definitely worth a 6 year wait. :-)

Sophia D.
Flawless Finish

I got this foundation in Sephora after getting color matched by skinIQ and i thought it was the wrong shade, it looked orange-y on me at first and i kept asking my friend if i looked orange thoughout the day. when I got home I realized that it was the lighting in the mall stores and this is a perfect match to my skin. It did make me break out a little but if I use a primer before that takes care of this problem. MUFE claims that it mimics the look of skin and I truely believe this. You can add more and more on throughout the day and it doesnt look cakey and gross.

Erin  N.

I found this foundation to be a very great match for my skintone and undertones, it is very lightweight even with building coverage. Sets perfectly with MAC fix + the consistency of the foundation is so smooth and velvety it feels like butter , great job MUFE

Crystal D.
I like it

I purchased this the other day after sitting down with a MUFE rep in a makeup event in Toronto. I really like how it has light coverage and makes the skin look even and glowy. This doesn't cover up acne marks or scars on the face so steer clear if you are a full coverage girl. It wears very light on the face and helps with the golden tones I have in my skin.This foundation has not broke me out or caused any havoc on my face. I apply it with a buffing brush and love the satin finish.

Jorden R.
its ok

my second time buying it and it is really expensive but i do love it because the color matches my skin and i look flawless i use mac fix + as a primer then revlon colorstay liquid foundation and then i use a powder brush into this to set my foundation. i dont like how when i touch everything it turns orange xD but i guess thats how all makeup is but i would probably buy it again