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Nov 13, 2017

Pooja A.

Hello I am From India and We supply Retin A Gel and Cream both as per requirment.
We ships free worldwide,
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Apr 4, 2013

Eileen A.

Thanks Danika, I'll definitely check that out! :)


Mar 28, 2013

Jody T.

Thank you for the answers about the skin it helped a lot because my oldest want to use the same as me but I have oily acne prone skin and she does not but now I know what I can get for her and my youngest they will feel so special having their own skin care! You are awesome I am sure I will have more to ask you:)

Feb 7, 2013

Huyam N.

hola can you answer me plz 

Feb 7, 2013

Danika J.

Hi Huyam! Sorry for the delay but I haven't forgotten about you. I work as an esthetics instructor and have a child so sometimes it takes me a little time to respond as I like to take my time and make sure I give accurate and helpful advice. I'm currently about to start work so I'll give you a quick answer. In your case I would go back to the dermatologist and ask for product recommendations or a referral to a qualified esthetician. Your picture could be a number of things and being an esthetician, I cannot diagnose.

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