Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation


Liz H.
I'm in love.

This is the greatest foundation ever for oily skin. It legit blows Revlon ColorStay for oily skin out of the water (that stuff did NOTHING for me when it comes to oil control). Before trying this I used the MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 foundation, and although I do love that foundation, I wanted something without SPF for the purpose of looking good in photos (but if you're going out in the sun, PLEASE wear sunscreen!). For those who don't know, the ingredients used for sunscreen cause a white cast on the face in flash photography, which is kind of a bummer. But thanks to this foundation, my face doesn't look ghostly in photos! But that's not the only reason I love it. The coverage is medium to full, but you can always tailormake it to fit your preferences. I find that it's pretty buildable, and you can double up layers to use it to conceal problem areas. The finish is VERY matte while still looking natural and it dries quickly, so I would recommend doing one area of the face at a time. It applies wonderfully with my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki, and sometimes I'll pat it on with my hands if I'm in a rush or if I want lighter coverage. The color selection is decent, having good choices for people with cool or warm undertones. I mix shades 30 and 40 to get the perfect match. For $34 it is a bit pricey and I wish it were cheaper, but for what it does for my skin, it's a lifesaver.

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Marina G.
Best liquid foundation for super oily skin

I have super oily skin to begin with and the kind of oil I have is, if i don't put any milk of magnesia or oily skin daily control cream from Proactiv, then my face will be swimmin' in oil (yes, it's that kind of oily skin). However, one day I accidently forgot to put those products on and instead just put the foundation on and it really keeps my face mostly matte. Better than other products when I didn't have the extra 'face prep' products to use. I always used to look for foundation specific for oily skin. Anyways, this product is the best I've used. Prior to buying/using this foundation I was using NYX HD foundation which was cool at first but didn't really cut it in the end. This foundation (makeup forever one) has really really good coverage. I am very satisfied and a little goes a long way. They have a ton of different shades so the varieties good. I recommend this product for woman with oily skin.

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Meagan A.
One of my favorite foundations!

Just recently purchased this foundation to switch up my look from dewy to matte and I love it! Keeps my face looking fresh and natural but still gives me great full coverage. The color matches my skin perfectly as well! I love this foundation!

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Shinu G.
It looks like my skin

Something about this being matte scared me because I have dry skin. It being matte is beautiful for dry skin. I asked for a sample at sephora, and I been wearing it under my MSF and it looks beautiful. I brought my own bottle today. Let's hope it stays beautiful.... =)

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Stacy N.

Now, this is just me, but I did not like this foundation. It was hard to blend and it did not cover well. No matter what I used, sponge or brush, it was not for me. It did nothing for my oily skin. Now my mother has it and she uses it. Oh well, I tried. :(

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Shoosh A.

After trying out some of MAC's products, i think I found my new love. THIS thing , right here is UNBELIEVABLE! I can't believe I actually found my soul mate. Okay maybe I'm over-reacting but I just had that feeling of relief when I was finally satisfied with how it treated my skin. it is in fact very oily + acne marks and this nearly covered everything (added mac concealer after it) Might be a bit too pricey but I would totally buy another one of this! it's just amazing! LOVE it!

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Danielle G.
ONLY foundation for oil control

Love this! This is the best foundation I've found so far that works on oily skin and doesn't change color/oxidize. I have super fair skin so that's important--I need my foundations to stay the color I picked out! I use this everday--my favorite by far!

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Raquel B.
Great foundation for sensitive skin

i have sensitive skin and i could not seem to find my perfect foundation, i have tried loads and loads at the expense of my poor skin on the search for my holy grail, well the closest i've gotten is this foundation. It took me a while to get the desired results and find the perfect way to use it, but I have now discovered it! At first I tried using my fingers to apply the foundation (I always try using every foundation with my fingers to get a feel for the texture and application), but I really don't like using my fingers so i went on a search for the perfect brush to apply it... i couldn't find one, i've tried regular foundation brushes, the sigma synthetic kabuki line, a mac 109, a stippling brush... name it i've probably tried it. Then when I almost had given up on this foundation (despite really wanting to love it) I found a blending sponge, it's from the brand Joe Fresh (sold at Canadian grocery stores) that reminded me of the beauty blender and was half the price so I picked it up (if you want to see my review on the sponge I have a video on it: and decided to give it a go with my MUFE mat velvet + I had to give it a last chance, and alas I found a match made in heaven! it works wonders with this foundation. I have sensitive and dry skin and you are probably wondering why did I buy this foundation, well the ingredients list is what attracted me the most to it and when i finally tried it it did not disappoint; it did not break me out or cause any major irritation, so I that is why. Back to why I did not like it initially, well, it is a matifying foundation and with dry skin it used to settle very blotchy/patchy in my skin and give me this very dry look, but with a damp sponge (and applied with a stippling motion) this foundation sits on my skin beautifully. As far as the sponge if you can get the beauty blender i am assuming the results will be even better, if you are in Canada I would definitely recommend the Joe Fresh Premium Blending Sponge, and if you are in the States I know Sonia Kashuk (sold at Target) does a sponge which is a dupe for the Beauty Blender, so pick it up and give it a try. So if you have sensitive dry skin I can recommend this from my experience as far as being gentle on your skin.

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Kaitlyn H.
A little goes a long way!

I have been using this foundation for a year now and I still have a good amount left! It worked best for me and was the best foundation I have used UNTIL I developed a couple of dark spots on both sides of my cheeks (this was not caused by the foundation). Once I developed these darker areas, I found that this foundation did not give me full coverage, even with a concealer.

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Blanca S.

I love this foundation! It works so well! It's worth every penny. I usually get so oily with other foundations, but this one stayed matte. It gives you great coverage. You really don't have to use much of it so it lasts you a long time! It looks great in pictures. I will definitely purchase this foundation again!