HD Kabuki Brush

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Jo M.
THIS WINS OVER ...TOO FACED retractable kabuki !!!
Photo of product included with review by Jo M.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kabuki brush!!!! I just had to start off with that.

When making a expensive investment to my make-up *cough* obsession *cough* COLLECTION, I will usually go on this site,others and blogs first and read reviews. I will then go into stores and check out the product first hand. In some cases I end up having a hard time decided between 2 items. This time it was the Too Face retractable kabuki brush (rave reviews on here) and the MAKE-UP FOR EVER brush aka: MUFE.

MUFE'S brush came into the competition because I had just bought MUFE'S HD powder and the brush was meant to go with it. But after reading all the awesome reviews on too faces brush I took it the price was better. After 1 week I knew I wasn't happy. First off Too faces brush wasn't as soft as everyone had said it would be. Or maybe they hadn't felt MUFE'S Kabuki? MUFE'S was 10x more soft to the touch and knowing this just annoyed me everyday until I exchanged the too face brush. Second, too face brush just didn't live up to the hype. Sorry guys but I felt like I was using some stiff drugstore bought brush.

Once I got the MUFE Kabuki brush I instantly felt the difference. I even started getting complimented on my flawless finish. I use the brush to dust on my HD translucent loose finishing powder. It is so soft it glides against the sensitive skin on my face. I love how it is just dense enough to hold onto your powder but not so dense that it drags across your face lol! It also comes with a small mini bag so it can be carried along in your purse or tossed in a make-up box. I can't believe I lived so long without this brush! It is a staple in my everyday regimen now. Worth every penny. If your in the market for the perfect kabuki than this is it! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE about the Too Face Retractable kabuki brush like I did :-( Do yourselves a favor and get the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD KABUKI BRUSH and IF you REALLY want to have that photo shopped flawless face look... Use it with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Micro finish powder. You can thank me later ;-)

Overlea C.
Love it

Maybe the reason why I love this brush so much is because it's my first kabuki brush, who knows, but it's my favourite face brush so far besides MUFE's 55n (stippling brush). I use this kabuki to buff out my foundation, contour, blush and highlight and it works perfectly and makes everything look blended. It is so soft and I love that it comes with its own little zippered case, and luckily I didn't get it for the full price. I got it when I went to MUFE's Pro Artistry Show in Toronto. I'd love to find a dupe for this though!

Theresa G.

I love this kabuki brush. It is really really soft and it is a not a dense brush at all. But the reason for that is because it was made for applying their HD powder. The tip of the Brissels are black so you can see the amount of product on the brush. It is not cheap but I have yet found one that can dupe it.

Ryan S.
Soft Amazing Brush!

This Kabuki Brush is perfect! It pairs nicely with the HD Microfinish powder. It fits perfectly in the lid the that comes with the powder. It distributes the powder evenly onto my face and doesn't waste any. It comes with it's own pouch that protects it nicely. I highly recommend, it won't dissapoint!

Ashley K.
Cool little brush but not a must have

I have this brush from buying the MUFE get started foundation kit from Sephora and I like it but I wouldn't have out right bought it on its own. The fibers are synthetic and they are super soft don't get me wrong its a nice brush but I already have a few brushes that compare to it. If your in the market for a kabuki this could be your brush but if you already have one Id say you could live without it.

Soma S.
I'm going to shock you guys w/ this review...

because I don't exactly see the hype over this kabuki. I'ved owned some high-end and low end ones, and when dealing w/ synthetic fibers, I've found that they can be easily duped by more cost effective options.

Don't get me wrong, this is definitely soft, and dense... but it is a bit on the floppier side for me. I much prefer something a bit firmer for my all over setting powders [Ecotools bronzing brush - a MUST HAVE for EVERYONE!] and I've found that other brands carry something quite similar. I find this brush aesthetically appealing, but it's not worth the $45 price tag in my opinion. I love all, if not most of MUFE's products, but this did not blow me away. Luckily, it was a part of a holiday set, so I did not pay full price for this.