Aqua Smoky Lash

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Soma S.
My fav all-time mascara!

I don't care if this stuff dries out easily... I find the dryness of the product actually helps me with lenghtening my lashes and adding volume to the base. Even after that fact, I still manage to get a good 4-6 mos. of use out of my tube if I milk it, so I'm not complaining whatsoever. It holds a curl BEAUTIFULLY, and does what no other mascara has done for me - everything any mascara has ever promised!

To help sway you to give it a try, my old favorites were Lancome's Definicils and Femme Fatale [don't ask me how I got used to that brush, but I made it work!] - so if you're looking for something more dramatic - give this mascara a try! =D

Jacquelyn J.
Great Waterproof Mascara!

When I first purchased this mascara back in June, I fell in love with it because I love waterproof mascaras! I'm on my second tube right now and I just love it! I have not yet tried the regular version of this mascara and will one day.

Nadia N.

This is probably my favorite mascara so far and it is the only one that gives me dramatics and no smudging. I love this in the waterproof since everything usually smudges and I tear up a lot.

Marina R.
good but dries like crazy

Love it but it totally dries like crazy - you have to use it super fast it never last over 3 months because it dries that fast and for a mascara that is a high end with a high end price tag you would think you would be able to use it for like the whole 6 months no. You are lucky if you get 3 months out of it

Kimberly P.
Doesn't live up to the hype

I tried liking this product, but I just didn't like it. It didn't give any length to my lashes and barely any volume. It didn't make my lashes look full either! But, the lasting power of this mascara is incredible! I went to Great America to put this mascara to the ultimate test and there was no smudging or any "raccoon eyes." So two stars for it being super waterproof!

Cate E.
Give it a miss.

So clumpy and dries quickly. Cheaper brands are so much better so don't waste your money. It does nothing for your lashes, just bunches them up together. Get a good brush and it doesn't matter what brand you use.