Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer


Pam Y.

This concealer gives great coverage, stays on long, and doesn't cake up. I haven't had anything that this concealer couldn't cover. I have oily combination skin and it stays on very well. A suggestion that I have is to warm it up on the back of your hand before applying. It will go on much more smoothly and creamy.

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Whitney A.

This concealer is fantastic. On days that I don't feel like wearing foundation, All I have to do is moisturize my skin and apply this to my discolourations. Top with some powder and I'm good to go. This is a must have in any girl's cosmetic bag.

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Haley W.

I use Studiofinish as my everyday concealer. It gives such great, full coverage without looking fake or cakey. This BANISHES acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and other imperfections. I find that this is particularly long wearing, as long as you set it with a powder. I recommend using a transcluscent powder, since the concealer is already full coverage, but whatever floats your boat. ^_^ This concealer applies effortlessly with any brush, but 100% prefer to use my fingers. Also, PLEASE be careful if you have aged skin, as this concealer may settle into fine lines underneath your eyes.

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Elaina Y.
Good product

This is the only MAC face product that I have which is skin correcting. I bought this mainly because it is cheaper than my Laura Mercier concealer and there was more shade selection of this product. Of course I'm the lightest shade. I do like the coverage that this product gives, it covers all my blemishes on my face and also dark circles underneath my eyes. So with product if you're using it under your eyes, the most important thing is to apply eye cream FIRST otherwise you will have a cakey and dry looking under eye (draws more attention to the flaw). The formula is a thick consistency compared to most concealers, I actually like that about the product, it allows you have to more control of how much you want to use in certain areas. I apply the concealer first with the MAC 14 brush and then I take the MAC 217 and blend that out to the rest of my face. That technique kind of gives you a smoother looking finish compared to when I just use the 194 brush alone or my fingers. I find that this concealer does last all day, I usually set it with Makeup Forever HD powder to make sure it lasts, and again if you use eyecream it will not look dry or cakey after the powder. So far this product has lasted me a while, I do use it daily. It's a good buy and I would repurchase it.

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Stephanie C.
Awesome Concealer!

This stuff rocks! It hides everything! Goes on smoothly and lasts all day! I recently just started using this and honestly I should of bought this sooner! Currently I use it for highlighting under my eyes and to highlight other areas of my face. Great product, I definitely recommend it!

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Ty P.
easy to use

I use tis under my eye and when i have scars from acne and it works perfectly ... sometimes i dont even need foundation... it works great in areas where breakout are frequent

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Dianne K.
Full cover concealer

This is my go-to concealer. I tried just about every concealer out there from Bobbi Brown to Makeup Forever. I find that i keep returning to this concealer because it has the perfect texture not too creamy or thick.

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Angela W.
Who me, what zit? Why yes I slept ten hours last night!

After trying pretty much everything out there I still go back to Mac for my concealers. I always buy two- one for under my eyes and one for blemishes. Just remember- yellow cancels out blue, green cancels out red, and red.. well red is what you're probably tryng to get rid of anyways so who cares what red would do. Anyways, I have a more yellowish tint for under my eyes and the other I try to match to my skin as close as possible (more pink than my under eye selection).

I've found that if I use a very small, stiff brush I can cover blemishes super well with this product. Set with powder and viola, you can pretend you don't have a face full of acne!

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Sandra S.
my favvvvvvvvv concealer ever!!

The quick take says it all.. its smooth, lasts all day, the color match is perfect! I have dark circles under my eyes and it covers it really well... I love how it goes on smoothly and evenly...

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Ariana K.

loved it when I had it, I used it up till I hit pan! then went out to try other concealers. but I just keep thinking about this concealer. it gives a great coverage super creamy, love it under my eyes! it concealed so much!! I will go back to this concealer for sure! but for now I want to finish my other concealers before going back. I'm a nc30-35 in mac & nw25 is just perfect for under my eyes!!

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