Pro Longwear Lipcolour


Tamara  W.
Longwear :)

I wore this for my senior prom. It was two fairly easy steps and it was definitely long lasting. It last for a very long time. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants long wear and besides you get a two for one deal :)

Candace P.

If you're looking for a red lip that won't budge, this is it. I wore this for an event I was setting up and after an 16 hour day, it stayed in place. The only downside to this product is that the only thing that takes it off is baby oil. Be sure to have some on hand or you'll be having breakfast with last night's rouge on like I did.

Cat C.
It does flake off about 3 hours into wear. Just keep applying the gloss to freshen it up!

It goes on fairly thick and smooth. The color is very prominent even after one coat! However, it does flake off about 3 hours into wear. Just keep applying the gloss to freshen it up! Also, it would help to apply lip liner and/or primer to prolong its wear. In all, I would definitely recommend it!

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Luna V.

Love love love this product. It applies easily, feels silky, and does not seem to be drying. I've worn this product through dinner dates, club events, and concerts with no problems.

However, it can peel. I don't know what triggers the peeling, but every once in a while, the colour will come off in little beads and strips, which looks funny and feels even stranger. Might have something to do with not waiting until the base is dry before applying the top coat? Or waiting too long? Haven't quite figured it out, but infrequent enough not to be a bother.

Linzi F.

I wasn't into lipgloss until recently so I ALWAYS wore this, I love this so much. Never wears off!!! This is my absolute favorite lip product in the world!