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Sophia C.
My first lipstick ever

I loved how sparkly this lipstick was and how it was a neutral brown. The glitter was a bit chunky but I felt that it was worth it. This color is discontinued as far as I know.

Pam J.
Best Everyday MAC Lipstick!

Velvet Teddy is one of my favorite go-to lipstick, perfect for any occasion like work or simply as part of your everyday makeup. I love how it looks so natural and how creamy it is whenever it's applied. It looks even more stunning when paired with Essence's In the Nude lip liner. It's the perfect shade for anyone wanting a natural look and I highly recommend it!

Alicia G.

I think everyone knows about this lipsticks, but in my opinion their totally overrated, yes they're good quality but tbh my Maybelline lipsticks which cost 6€ are the same than these! Nor the packaging is something"special", like the melted by too faced. In my opinion, not worth the money (plus they test on animals!!!)

Nicole A.
Lovely shade

This red is very interesting it's hard to find a red that shows brown undertones without the orange or rust pulling through. This is a true brick red perfect for all skin tones from fair to dark. I see a number of people wear it and it looks unique on everyone. Mac lipstick is so great when it comes to making universal flattering shades for everyone. I love lady danger but at times it just pulls to much orange the true warmth in this color is what I appreciate the most in it. Definitely a goto spicy color all can enjoy...yet another hit for mac (:

Sabrina T.
Almost Perfect

OK, so this lipstick is one of my favorites for many reasons, it's easy to apply, it looks good, and you don't need much. But what I dislike about it is that it makes my lips feel dry. Other than that it's great.

Hannah C.

MAC's lipstick is NOTHING short of iconic in the makeup world. There isn't a color that's not amazing in their range, and there's literally something for everyone.

I have an extensive collection of MAC lipsticks that I've been hoarding for years and I always want more.

Anna S.
Good lipstick

I really like mac lipsticks and they have an amazing selection of colours and finishes. One of my favourites is please me , it is a bright yet nudey pink and I think it would suit most skin tones. It is a matte finish. The only downsides is that it doesn't stay on that long and the matte finishes tend to be quite drying. Overall I would say this is a great lipstick xo

Margie G.
Go To nude

This is my favorite Go To Lipstick, I love this nude lipstick. I am basically on my 2nd tube. I used it so much that it's almost gone again.

Maddie A.
Perfect "Kylie Jenner" Lip!

The famous Kylie Jenner Mac Duo! Mac Lipliner: Whirl Mac Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

LOOOVVEEE these two together! I think that its the perfect duo for any skintone and they both have amazing formulas! My holy grail go-to lip look ever is these two! 💖

Maddie A.
Perfect light Nude Shade for medium-dark skintones!

First i absolutely love the formular and texture of the Mac Lipsticks! But this shade "yash" is amazing for medium-deep skintones (like mine) I loveee this colour on me tbh! And suprisingly is pretty long lasting too! Which is different as the mac lipsticks get not alot of rave about the long lasting side of them. As the formular is the matte finish, it does not dry your lips out at all! Which some matte finishes can do!