Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease


Kathleen A.
Works amazingly well, but the smell is headache worthy

I have done everything to my hair: highlights, all out color, Japanese straightening, etc, so to say my hair was dry is an understatement. When I explained this to the girl who was helping me at the store, she immediately picked this product. I left it in for about 45 minutes the first time I used it, and I could not be more pleased with the result. My hair is so soft and my curls are so defined, which is exactly what I wanted. The jasmine smell, however, is extremely strong. So strong, in fact, that I had a headache the first day after using it because of the scent. But, as they say, beauty is pain :)

Long story short, I will definitely buy this again whenever my hair needs a pick me up.

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Katie B.

I have naturally curly hair and am always trying to find something to help tame and moisturize it, and of course, help with frizziness! This product definitely delivers, leaves my hair soft and manageable. Plus, it smells amazing!

Ariane C.
Everyone needs to try it!!!

On a week of a play where my hair was going to suffer some major damage, I was recommended this to prevent breakage and rehydrate my hair. The amount in the container is quite generous, and even though my hair is quite long, I was able to get two really generous uses out of it. Again, I loooove the smell of jasmine, so this was a treat for me. The smell does last after shampoo and conditioner and I quite like it. It left my hair really shiny and healthy looking. It was so soft and smelt lovely. I was getting compliments non-stop!

Life Thoughts C.

This is a pre shampoo hair moisturising treatment used on hair that has been subjected to heating products (like curling/straightening), bad weather, etc.. does not help for hair fall, dandruff.. I used to straighten my hair once a week... i did use a heat protector but the prob was that my hair tips started becoming like dry straw kind... what ever protector you use that's available in the market the tips tend to not agree with them... so when I came across this LUSH product I though Ill give it a try... This hair moisturiser made my hair really soft, shiny and my hair tips are really healthy looking & don't look like straws... Using this is really easy... its paste kind and its not too runny can easily apply with bare hands... Before washing hair just pile generously on to hair (not on scalp), leave for 20 or 30 Min's.... Trust me you'll know when its enough... Shampoo off and follow what ever you do normally... This treatment should be done just once a week.. This nifty cosmetic contains henna, water, olive oil, ceterayl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, benzyl alcohol, ylang oil, jasmine, wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, Brazil nut oil, coconut oil, organic hemp oil, soya oil, Castor oil,methylparaben, propylparaben... Phew that's a mouth full of words...

The over all smell that I got was a nice mild jasmine scent, which is another factor that I liked... Cos strong smells and me just does not work and also this fragrance is so calm like feeling...

Code of the product I bought was 2687, it weighs about 220g... Its packed in a very nice long black pot which has a sticker stating by whom it was made by and when it was made and on the packing it says that you will need 1 full pot for long hair... and I have like very long hair, its up to my waist and I have used this pot already like 4 times and I think that I can use it 2 more times... You see it depends on how thick you hair is and how you apply it.. Now the crucial part, how much it costs... Well when i saw the price 1st I was like wow!!!.. So much but then I also always try a product at least once if I don't have a nice 1 already.... When I bought it the cost was 1450 RS and I have already mentioned how many time I can use it, so technically speaking it cost me 242RS every time I use it & if I have to get this done in a spa I'm thinking it would cost me about 500RS at least soooo my point is that its not that bad.... As I have mentioned it my previous blog posts you can get the product in any of the store locations at your place .... If you have already bought it before and wanna buy another and don't need the necessity to go to shop and check it out then you can just mail order..

The store from which I bought is located in FORUM MALL, Bengaluru city (INDIA)........ I got it on 4/2/10.......

I'm really happy with the output result and hair tips are so longer straw like :D...

it didn't really make any difference in my hair, but the smell is WONDERFUL. my hair felt a little heavier and oiled, and it looked slightly shinier maybe? I didn't see much of a difference, I wouldn't repurchase. I don't have fluffy or frizzy hair, but my ends get dry I think it was too heavy for me. I mostly liked it because it made my hair smell so GOOD. the perfume is absolutely addicting. I usually don't like the scent of jasmine but it is just right in this product.

Keri T.

I have used this product once and it hasn't really done much, I don't know if it takes two or three times use for it to work but I'll write another review after i've tried it several more times. my hair is still frizzy however it is easy to comb and really soft. I washed it out with other LUSH products, ultimate shine shampoo and american cream conditioner. After that my hair smelled kinda burned for some reason, not a nice smell.

Keri T.
Second Review..

So, I have tried it a few times more. The last hair mask I did, I just caked my hair in it. It didn't work for me and my hair was in no better condition. It only left my hair smelling horrible for days. But everybody has different hair, maybe my hair was in too bad of a condition to work on as I have bleached it many times, colored it like a million times and used alot of heat on it in the past. Hope my review helped all you who are looking for something to help the condition of your hair:)