Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara


Kayleigh  C.

Buy the original and not this! This version carbon black sucks! It's gives crunchy lashes and flakes! Plus it burns/irritated my eyes to the point that I started crying! Save your time!

Tara G.
Staple product

This, I'm my opinion, is one of the best if not the best volumizing mascaras out there. The fact that you can buy it for less than $10 US in any drugstore is phenomenal. Very black, lush, full lashes! No clumps, I mean what else could you ask for.

Crystal O.
One of my holy grails

This right here is one of the first make up products I have ever used and still find myself using til this day. Just one coat and your lashes will look so much more different than any mascara you have used. my lashes look thick, seductive and of course voluminous. I have only found one mascara that outbeats this one (guerlains, but that's a 30 dollar mascara compared to a 5 dollar one lol) and a lot of high end mascaras don't even compare to this one imo. it is also one of the few mascaras that don't leave my eyes burning later through the day as I am a contact lemse wearer. anytime I wear this mascara and walk into a make up counter or wherever I go I get at least one compliment about my lashes and what I used. so in all amazing amazing mascara at a great price.

Lorenza M.
Nice, Natural Look

This mascara gives a very natural length and volume to your lashes, I don't even have to curl my lashes when using this product. It doesn't clump, which it also like. Overall, great mascara.

Karen H.
Smudges like crazy on oily/combo skin

Not a fan of this mascara at all... It applies really well in the beginning (not clumpy, very natural looking) but it smudges after a couple of hours. Very disappointed :(

Vanessa W.

definitely a great volumizer, but two coats is the max for this one. put any more and it will clump. it doesn't provide any length for me (which is ok, that's not what they marketed it for anyways) so i use one coat of a lengthening mascara and a coat of this and it make my lashes stand out!

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Chelsea  S.
clumpy mascara in a bold color

So many mixed reviews on this! I put it on though and had a million and one clumps in my eyes that I immediately washed my eyelashes off directly after. If you wanna try it, go for it and see how your lashes react...but keep your receipt.

RicczBeautyBlabber X.
Best Drugstore Mascara by far!!

This mascara is worth all the hype. It gives me tons of volume,length and keeps a curl! I can't rave enough about it!! Just for the record i do have pretty full long lashes without mascara so I can't say how this would be for people with short,sparse lashes....

Ashley S.
Wet, clumpy, messy

I feel like everything that everyone raves about has the complete opposite effect on me. For me, it's too clumpy. The formula is too wet, so it gets all over my eyelid when I blink. It takes too long to dry. There's better drugstore mascaras, in my opinion. Didn't do much for me as far as volume and length, and I have pretty good lashes.

Jacqueline R.
Best I've tried yet!

I love this mascara! This is stuff is definitely my HG mascara, it makes my lashes so long and gorgeous! It does definitely add a little bit of extra volume a well - I love the formula but the best thing is that it seems to really hold a curl after a curl my lashes and my lashes can be so straight. That and it is a true BLACK - as dark as can be.