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Shirley W.

I bought the whole set from pigments to lipstick... and honestly I'm not a big fan of the lipstick. It looks very cheaply made and I just recommend them. As pigmented as they may be, it felt very drying on my lips and was not flattering. I would rather spend my money on OCC lip tars

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Abbey G.
I'm in love!

I was honestly skeptical about trying this lipstick out because of all of the reviews that said it was drying. Well, I'm very happy I gave it a shot! Airborne unicorn is the most perfect shade of purple/violet lipstick I have found anywhere. It's bright and definitely a statement shade, while still being wearable. The texture when applied right from the tube is very creamy and no matter how many times I went over my lips, it never got thick or cakey, which is a definite plus. Never dried my lips out at all and stays put wonderfully. I'll probably be buying this shade again when I run out, and might give D'lilac a try. Even though I've only tried the one shade, I'd say it's worth the money, and I'd recommend lime crime lipsticks to anyone looking for a great, comfortable lipstick with amazing color payoff.

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Rachel P.

Great colors available, but they're oh so sheer. Also, I rather dislike the founder of this product for having threatened people who have made negative reviews about it. Even if they made the formula different and achieved the opaque look I prefer, I still will never purchase this product out of principle.

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Raisa J.

I just love Lime Crime for their Lipsticks! Amazing pigmentation, they go on smoothly and the colors are truly beautiful I have cosmopop and it's just a very opaque gorgeous color. The staying power is kind of like every other lipstick. reapply after eating or what not. And the packaging is just ADORABLE!

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Layla P.
Always inlove

Gosh darn it, i just love all of lime crimes lipstick! The lack of moisture gives a dry texture and a matted look. All in all a lovely selection for anyone who wants a lipstick that looks exactly like the color they saw on the label.

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Leila V.
Photo of product included with review by Leila V.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Lime Crime products, having been an avid fan for a couple of years now. Their lipsticks are truely amazing!! I was so excited to receive my little box of lovliness from Lime Crime, beautifully adorned with their awesome unicorn logo. Inside, the lipsticks were well padded out with purple tissue paper. The lipsticks themself are a bright purple with the unicorn logo in a lovely silver hologram down the side. And the colours, oh the colours!!!! The lipsticks come in the most amazing rainbow ive ever seen. But where ive been let down by lipsticks before for not being true to the colour in the tube, bleeding and otherwise fading, the staying power of these little beauties is nothing short of amazing, and are completely true to the colour and has a bit of a lip stain for staying power. What you see is truely what you get! I have Retrofuturist, No She Didnt and Styletto, and I love each one! Definately recomended! Below is Styletto <3

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Jen P.

I was a little nervous about trying out this lipstick since some people had told me that Lime Crime lipsticks had a weird texture, were "goopy", and / or didn't last long, particularly the unconventional colors, not to mention the mixed reviews about the Lime Crime brand in general. But when it arrived, I was really pleasantly surprised and my optimism was proved to be correct. Not only did this lipstick apply really smooth and easily, it didn't take much to make the color show up a very opaque light purple. It lasted a while too! I'm definitely happy with this purchase and my satisfaction with Airborne Unicorn has definitely convinced me to purchase more Lime Crime lipsticks in the future! :)

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Lauren C.
Great color it just looked different in person.

I was so excited to receive the new lip color from Lime Crime but when I put it on it looked a lot different then pictured. The color is not as dark deep and rich. It is more of a fuschia purple-y pink shade. I had to add a dark plum liner to change the color and get my desired look but other than that Lime Crime has always been a company I continue to go back to. The lipsticks do have need to be reapplied throughout the day but the color, consistency and pigment make it worth it!

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Michelle L.
First Timer

Saw this brand at IMATS and wanted to try it out. Also, I loved their packaging and I'm a sucker for cute stuff...but what girl isnt? ^_^ Anyway, I bought Coquette and I really like it. The color is a bit pale, which I like, and I also love that it's opaque. I also like to apply a pink lip gloss over it to give it a little bit of color. I will be getting more in the future.

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Kitty C.
cute cute!
Photo of product included with review by Kitty C.

love the lippies as they give bright opaque colour while feeling comfortable! the LC formula seems to have changed a bit though- i own three lipsticks from when they first launched (thicker, dryer texture) and the rest purchased just after the eyeshadow reformulation (thinner and creamier). careful when applying over a balm though, especially the lighter shades, because they tend to skip a bit! also a tip for NC27 ladies like me- stay away from cosmopop it's the definition of unflattering. :|

lip swatch is airborne unicorn (w/ benefit back to the fuschia on top)

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