Shayne B.
Great eye shadow base!!!

Use this to make a really intense blue or green smokey eye. Cover the whole lid with the pencil starting at lash and blending up. Then tap something like a bright blue on it. The color comes more intense because it's over that pencil. Il post a video of how to do it!

Michaela C.
Amazing eyeliner.

This is great for every day use. You can pretty much apply it with any look, and it works great. It's similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil which everyone loves -- except you get WAY more product with this. This was the first Lancome product I ever bought and I loved it!

Salma A.
Best Eyeliner Ever

I was always a fan of Lancôme and admired their high quality products; this being one of them, I don't wear makeup but if I do it's a tiny amount on my outer v area with this brown liner. So versatile because I can wear it as a fine-lined eyeliner, or smudge it a bit with a q-tip to give a layered smoky eye effect. Doesn't drag my eyelid around when applying like cheap drugstore eyeliners and lasts very long. Overall, best liner ever! Recommend to everyone! :)

Dasha A.
Amazing! But I have to be careful for school...

I love this product so much! I use it in number 01 (noir) for everyday use. When I'm at school, because we have a no makeup rule, I go more natural with it - I wear it in the corners of my waterline. When I'm not at school, however, I go more crazy by putting it all the way on my waterline and defining the corners, then a pretty thick line on my top lid. It draws attention to my green eyes, which I love. It's got a smooth application, so it's very easy to use and the pencil just looks so damn cool. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Nothing bad to say about it!

Janice R.
My favorite everyday eyeliner!

I love this eyeliner in "Black Coffee" because it is the perfect brown for me- the color is dark brown but warm and very pigmented and rich. I also love that it doesn't make me look tired like some other cooler brown eyeliners can- I have so many eyeliners but this one makes me look more awake and bright-eyed. The formulation is great- it's not chalky or crumbly at all so it's very easy to blend and smudge. It also applies very smoothly and lasts pretty long, although I do have to reapply it every couple of hours. This a great eyeliner- I use it every day. I just wish it lasted longer (but, to be fair, I do have oily skin so none of my makeup really lasts all day).

Hannah S.

This could definitely be an everyday product (if I wore product everyday) I'm into neutral, nude makeup palettes and these go great! I like to have slight swipe of color at the end of my lids, just enough to accent my eye color. I wouldn't say these colors are for people on the pale side, they may wash you out...

marcella e.
smudge easily :(

i bought one before (black coffee) i have NO idea why i did it again. it glide smoothly, not hurts at all, and soft BUT it smudge easily! the shop assistant said it waterproof and mudgeproof, but didn't work on me. i need to check my eyes every hour, i prefer MUFE or benefit. i don't think i will buy this product anymore.