Lauren D.

I am in love with la vie est belle, It is such a unique and different scent. Its sweet and floral and such a beautiful scent. Its very feminine and pretty. it can be worn day or night. It has amazing lasting power it will literally stay put all day, I find it completely different to any of the other lancome fragrances. the bottle is simple yet super pretty with the little silver ribbon, I highly recommend you try this perfume as i can guarantee its different than anything you have ever smelt before :)

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Joanna A.
my absolute favorite

my boyfriend bought me this for Christmas 3 years ago and it's become my signature scent. love it!! it smells amazing but isn't too overpowering, absolutely perfect. the box it comes in is very pretty too

Ruth D.
the best!

This is my favourite perfume so far, I use day and night, long lasting can can still perceive it on my clothes says after using it. Wonderful scent, worth every penny

Cass F.
Love love love

This is super expensive I. Aus so I purchased it from America, I am so happy I stuck with it. I find one spray is all I need and it's the perfect amount. Sweet and yet not sickly. Love it.!

Christy F.
This is my smell!!

Oh what a wonderful girly woman smell this is! Everyone remarks how lovely it is when I wear it. I find it stays on for a long time and clings to fabric really well. I get little wafts when I put my coat on from the day before and also leaves a distinctive smell on my boyfriends pillow... He loves it too :) highly recommend! :)

Mina S.
Love it

when i first saw that this new perfume came out i immediatly smelt it and omgg it smelt soo good and so sweet and after like 20mins my sis was like which perfume did u spray?? and my mum and my sis have it ju should deffo buy it as u get a gift bag aswel!!!!!!! xx

Ellie M.
Elegant & smooth

I LOVE this perfume. As it wears the smell changes from sugary and sweet to smooth and almost musky. It's like caramel, sugar cookies, and happiness rolled into one.

Sofia R.
sweet and nice

I love this perfume! I immediately fell in love with this the first time I smelled it. one of my favorite perfumes of all time ? the scent is not too powerful or overwhelming...just exactly sweet and fun..

Anna S.
Sweet and feminine

I recently fell in love with this it reminds me of whenever you walk into the beauty part of a department store and you smell the sweet aroma of perfumes wich sounds pretty vague but that's what it reminds me of. It's very sweet with a floral note to it, but not too sweet, the scent doesn't change or not sut my skin when I put on like some perfumes do.But just use a little bit because its quite strong overall I think it's very good if your looking for a girly sweet floral scent

Prima C.
Beautiful Life

Perfect name of this free floating scent. This smell is sweet and soft. Perfect for snuggling up on a cold night with a warm sweater and cocoa or a warm spring day sunning at the beach. The smell is long lasting and you won't need to use a lot. The bottle is gorgeous and hints at a carefree woman coasting through the hustle of life.