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Emily W.
Great variety, quality, and price!

I've used several pairs of Kiss lashes and I have never been disappointed! The bands are thin and flexible, the lashes blend nicely with my own and look very natural. I've never tried the ones with the strings, so I can't comment on how that works. These are my favorite lashes so far!

Krystal P.

I have the lashes in 02, and without the applicator strings. I love the way they look and the band is so flexible! They are a great length and i love how they dont look scary like some lashes ive seen >.> These are affordable, comfortable and ill definitely buy them again.

Kayla H.

Adore these lashes. the strings actually did get in the way more than they helped though. as for the selection. AMAZING. they have glam looks, whispies and even daily wear lashes. super price and amazing quality of the hairs. I got them at walmart for a dollar!!! was an incredible find haha.

Amber H.
I love kisses
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I have never tried these lashes before but I came across some today at Wal-Mart for $1. I couldnt pass them up. I love that they are so whispy at the end. I love that there is the glitter eyeliner affect. I love that there is a string for easier application. I hope that I love the way they look too. So take this as a pre-review, so far so good.

Brittany D.

I really like these lashes! I have tried two sets of them. The selection they offer range from natural to dramatic which makes it easy to have a pair for every occasion. The only issue is the strings. They make the lashes impossible to apply. I take the strings off and apply the lashes with tweezers instead. All in all pretty good product. :)

Yasmin G.

love this lashes . except for the strinq . i hadd a hardd time to qet it off while the lassh was on, andd when i finally qot it off the whole eyelassh came with hahaa it was a funny thinnq . so when ever i qet new ones i just takke of the strinq before applyinq them .

Myrna P.

These are my favorite lashes. I am a newbie to applying lashes and this one was so easy to work with . I love it!

Tejahn B.
Photo of product included with review by Tejahn B.

Kiss Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings are great beginner eyelashes. Not only are they a fraction price of MAC lashes, but they also have a flawless finish. The Lashes are very natural looking and make your lashes look thicker and longer. I personally believe that the strings really does make application easier. If you are unable to master the craft of lining up lashes directly to your lashes, these are a perfect practise tool.

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