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Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder #8

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Ayi K.

Fluffy soft brush, like its name heavenly, great to pick up some powder and distribute it all over face. I use it to my bronzing powder as well as all over powder brush. The best one for synthetic, cant get enough for it. Love it so much

Jessica M.
Best synthetic on the market

I adore this brush for a large synthetic powder brush, it is INCREDIBLY soft and never irritates my face. I will say that I notice the bristles get less soft after I've coated them in powder, but once I wash it they go back to being silky soft, and even when they are 'less' soft they are still softer than my other synthetic brushes.

I think the shape is perfect, it is large enough to cover the face quickly but small enough that you can still control which portions it touches. The taper is also impeccable, enough so that you can place powder with medium precision (I use it for bronzing my cheeks) but rounded enough so that it does all the blending for you. Can also be used to dust finishing powder all over the face. Handle is nicely proportioned to the size of the brush, not so thin it's flimsy but not huge and clunky.

Definitely worth the investment, I own 2 and have no regrets!

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Johanna R.
Perfect for bronzer

Applies and diffuses bronzer perfectly. Picks up perfect amount of product (which can be difficult with synthetic bristles). Worth every penny-I use it daily!

Jeroline J.

The shape of this brush, density of the hairs, and softness of the bristles are absolutely PERFECT for setting your makeup with powder. I absolutely adore it. My only con... the handle is too short for my taste. For the price point of $48, I expected to have a long luxurious feeling handle for this setting powder brush. The handle is so short it reminds me of a travel size brush. Besides that it's absolutely perfect! Has yet to shed and makes my makeup application flawless! I adore it!

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Soph L.
Didn't think it was possible

I had no idea I needed a brush like this until finally took the plunge. So soft and it really does compare to my blue squirrel brushes.

I love it and worth every penny.

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Kerry H.
Worth the cost

This is an sort of expensive brush considering that it's synthetic. But I do love it. I have very dehydrated skin so I only use a little setting powder, so for setting, I use a smaller brush. But I always use this gigantic brush afterwards to kick off any excess powder. I also LOVE this brush for finishing powder.

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A L.
Very soft and gentle brush

This brush is so soft and fluffy. Makes applying powder an ease and does not move my foundation around even if I apply it lazily (i.e. dragging it on my face). It also washes well and dries quickly. Bristles are loosely packed and it much gentler than the Real Techniques powder brush.

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Karina C.
So soft!

I needed an all over powder brush that would be easy to clean and care for. This brush is amazing! I use it for applying my ambient lighting powder all over my face and it doesn't disrupt or move my other make up around. It feels amazing on my face and I'm considering getting a second to use for bronzing. I love this brush!

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Diana P.

I love this brush, it is one of my most used brushes. It is incredible soft and applies powders beautifully. I have had this brush for 2 years and it has never shed a hair. After buying the first one for powder foundation I bought a second one for loose powder. I use it almost every day to apply my IT Cosmetics Celebration foundation. I was so impressed with this brush I also purchased their French Boutique Blush Brush.

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x Ski  C.
Super Soft ...
Photo of product included with review by x Ski  C.

This is my Go To brush for applying Powder, Bronzer and retouching.. I own two, keeping one in my handbag with the plastic tube case it arrives in.. it feels just like my High end Blue Squirrel brushes only easier to clean/dry.

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