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Moon Glow - Illuminating Translucent Pressed Powder


Rikke S.
Too sparkly and glittery

This one just didn't Work for me. The powder itself is not overly shimmery but floating in it is a lot of sparkle, you won't be getting a nice glow, rather a shimmery disco ball look. Not what I want in a highlighter or glow powder.

Honey V.

simply said, my fav beauty product ever! the package is adorable, the lil sponge is heart shaped which is uber cute and the shimmer glitter inside the powder adds that lil twinkle to your day (or night). it's light and has a mirror as well which makes this usable on the go!!!

Ashlee H.

I use this product to set my foundation. It gives me just a subtle glow. It's really pretty. I typically use a powder brush when applying it at home but when I'm on the go I use the sponge that is included in the compact. Will definitely purchase again.

Sarah M.

This product is great for it's price, and it really helps finish foundation and can be used to add a glowing look to the neck, chest and wherever else. I would likely buy this again.

Camille C.
Definitely worth a try!
Photo of product included with review by Camille C.

The first thing you notice when you look at the compact is it’s unusual container. I’m not a big fan of the way it was designed. The top is transparent like some other compacts but the bottom has little holes that let the sponge hiding inside peek through.

After you unlatch the top, you’re embraced by a beautiful translucent pressed powder with shimmers that glow when the sun or any bright light glistens on your face.

Underneath the pressed powder pot, is both the sponge they provide for application and their logo-filled mirror which reads, “Get ready.. Get set.. Glow!”

The sponge is thin and may look like a dollar-store sponge cut into a heart shape but let me tell you, ladies, this sponge really holds onto the product. Maybe it’s the velvety/suede texture, but either way, if you don’t have a large powder brush on you, then using the sponge works fine as well.

It’s not very noticeable at first, but you can definitely see the difference when I’m under the light.

At the low price of $6.88, I must say it’s definitely a try. I’m not sure if I would continue to use the product, but it’s definitely worth every dollar.

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Bhevarri C.
Nice, great price

This is a light cream colored pressed powder with gold glitter/shimmer. It's pretty basic, and as an inexpensive product it is a nice quality, and the packaging is great for what you pay. This is nothing spectacular, and I like to use it with Benefit's High Beam to give it more oomph! but in general, I'm satisfied with this, and would recommend it to someone if they're curious.

Emilie L.
too much glitter for me

I didnt really like this product it was too glittery for my taste . I bought it at wal-mart it wasn't expensive at all but I can't remember the price i'm still trying this brand one product at a time .