Honey V.

Location: Tranquility, California

misdiagnosed & under medicated

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About Me

chello my name is honey.villa, i am a mutt (bi-racial) *which suxx foundation wise* and i act like it. (mexican/blk/japanese) i'm 5'1, a liberal & a smart ass. i have people who love me because i'm real, hate me because i'm blunt and then there are those of you who don't care. i am an extremist (most of me is split 50-50 between horrific and comical). i am probably somewhat psychotic by today's standards but isn't everyone. i work as a model/photographer for L.S Studios. i love the arts (everything from canvas, photography, literature, music, dance, film, theater, culinary, cosmetics - you name it!) i am also a single mother of a baby chihuahua named Armand.Nikolai, other than that no kids of my own, huge animal rights activist, promoter & vegetarian (idc if you eat meat though, just don't rub it in my face like LDS or Jehovah Witnesses shoving Christ down my throat) I'm Buddhist & completely deaf in my right ear, i love gothic culture & alternative music but i don't judge anyone for anything they wear, listen to or believe in (however if they ask my opinion... but be prepare cuz i don't like diabetes so i wont sugar coat shizz! lol) hope to hear from you soon XoXo vicious.doll

p.s plz do not write to me like you didn't finish high school, abbreviations im ok with but 'wen u rite lyk dis' i will just skip over you, its so annoying. I am a tad bit of a grammar nazi.

Eye Color: Gray
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: November 25
Age: 32


155 Cheney Lane
Coalinga CA, 93210


* What's asexual? Asexual simply means not touchy feely (or intimate) due to a medical condition, some type of trauma or by choice. For more info plz check out asexuality.org

* Are you also a cosmetologist? Professionally no, but I'd like to think of myself as an artist none the less, i have done the makeup for the girls on most of our stage performances, photo shoots and big events. I'm also working on some step by step make up tutorials for my website that i hope to post here soon.

* What brought you to beautylish? A Youtube video titled '3D Silver Glitter Lips' by Cora A on this website, so plz follow her, she's so effin awesome!!!

*Why does your eye color constantly change in your photographs? Contacts, that's why I referred to them as Gray, they are actually black but that wasn't an option however I wear lenses in all colors so Gray seemed more appropriate anyways.