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Emily T.

I got bombshell, expected it to be more of a bronzer... Um no. It's like rosy brown. Warm rosy color, if you like that then sure. But I wanted a nice bronzer that actually showed up on my skin so... Ya.

Erica P.
I use this daily

I often play up my cheeks and I find that I pick "Living Doll" as my first choice for blush.I also always use it with the Hard Candy primer, which happens to be favorite primer. I use a angled blush brush, to apply to my apples, and the bridge of my nose. It depends on how much other make-up I use, but sometimes I put it on just my apples in a circular motion brushing upwards, and add some to my eyelids if I'm in a hurry.

CiCi N.
Great blush for highlighting!

Wow, what can I say, this is a great highlighter. I have this Hard Candy Crush Baked Blush in its 127 "Honeymoon." I really like to pair this with my normal blush and simply use this to highlight the apples of my cheeks and to highlight my cheekbones! I wouldn't recommend using this particular blush by itself unless you love intense shimmer. I've had this blush for while now, and it's lasted for a good year I think since I only use it as my highlight. My biggest complaint with this blush is its packaging. I use a rubber band to keep the lid attached when it's not in use. The actual blush itself will also crumble if you're not careful. I try not to travel with this particular blush because it is so fragile, but if you can get over that qualm, this is a good product!

Donna T.
Normal blush.

I only own Living Doll. It's a great blush as far as color goes. As far as the product itself goes though, I would say this is normal blush. It doesn't have amazing lasting power or pigmentation or anything. I do really love the Living Doll color though! I've seen some other reviews on here saying it's more like a highlighter but I would say those are some tan people, I use Living Doll as a blush no problem. I've heard that Honeymoon is a great highlighter and Tiki is a great bronzer, but I haven't personally used either product. If you're looking for a great cheap blush, go to Walmart and pick these up.

Jennifer B.
Love it!

I won this in a contest one of my favorite beauty guru's on YouTube was doing and I absolutely love this! It makes the perfect highlighter for both your cheekbones and under your eyebrow! Will definitely buy when I run out!

Nichole W.
Pretty Packaging

I bought this because it caught my eye the other day, and I have to say...not too shabby. It is NOT a pigmented color, more of a highlighter, and it does have some subtle sparkles but they don't really show up once its on. I prefer to use the actual compact to brush the blush across my cheeks and then use a brush to blend. Not a big color, as mentioned, but a nice little shimmer over normal blush if you must :)

Brittany H.
All looks no product pay off.

I was so drawn in my the "living doll" color, a really pretty bright baby pink, so I gave in and bought it, but no matter what brush I used or how hard I dug at my baked blush, nothing was barely showing up on my skin. I dont like to pry at my blushes either, so I'm not happy with this one.. I was excepting a nice color pay off.. but I will keep it around for a last minute blush, if need be.

Overall, not what I thought it to be, but not the worst thing ever.

Sara B.

Very pretty and very shimmery. The colour I bought (light pink) shows up on my skin more like a highlighting then a blush..This is also one of the shades my 4 yr old daughter reaches for when I let her play with my make-up (not the high end brands lol)

Mia B.
I don't have to waste so much $$ now..

I have all the colors. great for highlighting... I use different shades for different seasons. I apply my blush and will appy this just at the top of my cheek bone,fore head,chin and nose lightly to give my face a brighter look..Not to heavy but just suttle... Another hard candy product i'll continue to use...

Soma S.
I don't have to waste $30 on MAC's MSFs anymore???

So I have MAC's By Candlelight, but was curious to see if I could find something cheaper and easier to attain, and this is it! I have Honeymoon and Pin Up... And I gravitate towards Honeymoon more. Once blended out, these produce the same sheen as my MSF on my skin, and has smaller shimmer particles than that of my MSF as well! The only downfall is it has mineral oil in it... But then again, the MSF might too... No ingredients listed on the MAC website, boo.

An alternative to the MSF for only $7??? Uh... SOLD!

Ps: tried the HC illuminator in Tiki and the shimmer bits were bigger than the ones in their blushes. These blushes are much better for highlighting.

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