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Ange ou Démon


Jessica G.
One of my Favorites

When I first smelled this one I absolutely fell in love. It's scent is very seductive and strong but not overwhelming. It's a must have for me. All I have left to say is that my mouth waters every time I smell it.

Luna V.

I've been on the hunt for a summer perfume since April. And while the notes listed don't even hint at summer (except maybe mandarin and orchid), it's exactly what I was looking for. I honestly didn't set out to buy this perfume--what I planned on buying was its counterpart, Le Secret, thanks to it's jasmine tea theme. But Le Secret seemed like countless other perfumes I have smelled--this one is incredibly unique.

I love lilies. They're my favourite flowers and one of my favourite fragrances. However, I don't smell a single lily in this bouquet. I get piles and piles of saffron over vanilla, tonka, and beautiful woods. The effect reminds me of an oak-aged white wine, mature and mellow yet completely unique and a little mysterious. I only spritz a little on my throat and nape before leaving the house and I can still smell it by the end of the work day. I've worn it so often that even on days I don't wear perfume, it creeps into my senses--on my jacket, in my car, on a camisole, seemingly out of no where...

It is a bit expensive, but I definitely see myself buying a replacement if--more likely when--I use up the bottle. I do wish there was a way to refill the individual bottle since it's quite pretty and very sturdy. Such a shame to get rid of it!