Estée Lauder

'pleasures' Eau de Parfum Spray


Jamie W.
Love love Love love Love love Love this scent!

Along with Intense Pleasure's as the best perfume or scent ever!!!!! I have gotten so many compliment's on this scent it's incredible! You can't go wrong with this! I was given this scent as a gift and I just had to purchase it over and over again! It's an addictive smell. I actually had a "friend" steal it from me and ruin our friendship over it! Now that's some good stuff! hahaha

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Sharmaine D.

It smells soooo goood! It's a sweet, floral scent, and not too overwhelming, which i really like. It is also a very versatile scent; you can wear to the movies, a picnic, or even just everyday. Also, any women of any age can wear this scent. It's really wonderful !

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Angela V.

I love this smell it is amazing. It is a very floral scent but not over powering.. I love wearing this when I'm going somewhere fancy.. I first got a chance to try this when i was walking through the perfume counter at Sears I tried it once and I was hooked.

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Prerna D.

love love love it!!! its sooo feminine and elegant.always get compliments when i wear this ..everyone out there if u love smelling good then pls do give this a try .. m definitely buying it again:-)

Alexandra C.

This is a floral scent that smells sweet but not so overpowering that your boyfriend is coughing next to you in the car asking how much perfume you put on. It's a scent you can wear anywhere and its feminine and delicate.

Kirsty K.

A beautiful summer scent! Very florally - can definitely smell the lillies! It's a classic...however, it doesn't really have that wow-factor. I recommend wearing this daily in summer - not in the evening.