Studio Cream Eyeliner


Kassondra B.
Great Value!

When I'm looking for a great product vs price, I turn to elf every time. I get so excited when I see their products pop up in new places. Elf products are always worth the money and hold their own against their more expensive counterparts.

Marina S.
I have two colors and love them

I use the brown one for my eyebrows it's the perfect shade of brown and looks natural it stays put all day seriously I was amazed by the fact it didn't budge I also use a wax for my hairs afterwards or I use clear gel depends on my mood both lock it in place even better and it's water proof! Now the black one I also own but I don't exactly love it as much only because I don't feel it's very pigmented and I have to apply two layers to make it as dark as I'd like and some matte black powder they're also very quick to dry which is awesome. They're only three bucks so I say go for it if your not sure!

Samantha C.

$3!!! It takes a few coats to get it as black as night, but it doesn't smudge or run. I got this last night and so far (after 5 hours on my eyelids), it has stayed sharp and dark as when I first put it on. The brush it comes with is rubbish, though.

Ery V.
Great product for a great price.

This product I love. It's great for the price and long lasting. It's easy to put on my eye lid and easier for me to make a perfect line. It's also great for me to use on my eyebrows. I would recommend this product to friends and family.

Carelen C.
My go-to Gel Liner

This is a great cream liner, the only brand I use for daily wear when I want to wear cream/gel. I use my own brush (the one that comes with is much too small) and it applies very smoothly. Once the product sets, I never have issues with smudging. I have never tried it on my waterline, though. Everybody else mentions the price, which is unbeatable at $3 for a product that actually works!

The one issue I have with the liner is that one application is not as deeply black as I would want it to be. To fix this, I just wait for the product to set a little bit and then apply a "second coat" of sorts to darken it. This works perfectly to fix the problem, but if you are looking for a one swipe flawless black to save time, this probably isn't the product for you.

Emily W.
Too sheer!

I've tried Black, Gunmetal, and Midnight and all three were just too sheer. No matter how many times I tried to build up the opacity, it stayed sheer and uneven. I couldn't get a good wing or even a smooth line, and they wouldn't stick on the waterline at all. Completely useless to me. I would not recommend, even for $3.

Nyuu K.

I absolutely love this cream eyeliner. I used another brand before, high-end, and I very much prefer a simple $3.00 eyeliner over that one any day. In fact, I felt that the E.L.F. one has a far better staying power than the high-end one. The pigmentation is there, and it lasts 8+ hours on me without fading or smudging.

Karina L.

The first one I bought was the teal color & the color pigment was gorgeous! I had to go by the black one for everyday use!!! For a product that only cost $3 it works really well. I don't have to reapply it through out the day which is a plus!

Lizzie M.
Love it!

I love this product. It goes on so smooth and stays all day. I can't wait to go shopping and get all the other colors! I would easily recommend this to everyone(:

Sarah G.
Couldn't have asked for more for the price

I love how pigmented it is and it goes on very smooth. It has a great price of $3, so if you try it and don't like, you didn't waste anything. It comes with a small angle brush thats easy to use but I would recommend using a full size brush to have a steady hand. Overall, I love it.