Blushing, Bronzing And Blending Brush

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Micro A.
The bristles :/

This is a semi good brush for beginners like myself. And I still use it from time to time. But I don't like the bristles, they feel very hard and almost like cheap paint brushes. It doesn't pick up much product unless you work it. But if you work it, it gives a good even look.

Isabelle S.

Rough bristles and extremely difficult to use! It broke quickly! Hate it! Love ELF, but this is a miss!!! I really don't like this at all. Their studio line is much better!

Hannah D.
ok for what you pay

For $1, I guess this brush is fine. I didn't really care for it, however, because it's not really very soft and it does shed a lot. I never use it.

Mimi L.
Not Worth the Dollar.

The only positives to this brush is that it's smaller, which gives you better control, and the angle, which you can find with a lot of other, BETTER brushes. If you're really on a budget, this brush will suffice, but don't count on it to last you. From casual use, the brush broke (the head came off the handle) in about a month. I wouldn't suggest buying this if you have the money to invest in a better quality brush.

Victoria D.

Not amazing, not too bad. It is a little bit rough, but it's also only $1. I only use it for bronzer, blush, or a highlight cheek color, and it's satisfactory for what I need it for. Bristles have been falling out, only one here or there, which is kind of annoying, but the brush didn't completely disassemble after one use! I previously had no brush like it, so I'll keep it until I find a better one.

Mint P.

I live this brush to put bronzer! It's kinda small but I lOve love love it!And also the price is sooooooo amazing ! Only $1! Ugh... Why don't you just buy it and try it?

Cate M.
Impossible to use.

This brush is impossible to use. It is so rough and the "hairs" always fall out. I guess if your getting it for $1, its satisfactory. But it doesn't even apply color evenly or nicely. Don't buy this.

Make Up D.

I use this brush for putting on blush and also my bronze you can use it to contour, to highlight and more. It is soft and easy to easy, and for the price it is good. God Bless Josephine:)

Olivia Z.

I love this brush! I have two of them. One is older and has lost its shape a bit but I still use it for contouring. The other I keep in the plastic brush guard it comes packaged in to set my concealer. It picks up product well, doesn't shed, is still soft after many washes and it is very much worth the 3 dollars.

Julianne J.
Go to for fabulously chiseled cheeks!

This brush has really helped me get desirable results as far as bronzing/blushing/contouring and highlighting go. I got lucky with the feel of the bristles- mine are soft, almost too soft, and flimsy, because I like a brush that is gentle on the skin but is still firm, without too much give. The hairs do fall out, which is a little annoying, but not a big deal. I love its shape and how its helped define my cheekbones and let me play with different blushes and bronzers. This brush is great economically and perfect for beginners with makeup. I still want to slowly add more cheek/facial brushes to my collection, yet I feel, as cheap as this brush is, its a great foundation in my brush collection. Plus, I dig the reddish (probably fake) color of the bristles. For a buck, this is a great product, although I wish the brush had more substance physically- it does feel a little cheap and breakable.