Beauty Bar


Kirin S.
INCREDIBLE... No need to use concealer or foundation ever again!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! It's so simple and affordable, and it works AMAZING. I will never need to use a concealer or foundation EVER again! Even after the very first wash, my skin is smooth, clear (cleared up my breakouts so fast) radiant, glowing, silky, moisturized and best of all, FREE OF REDNESS! I used to have terrible redness but not anymore. Would give this ten stars if I could. Will NEVER use any other soap again. This is the one! I HIGHLY recommend this. Works well with all skin types and the results are fast and so incredible! Dove, I love you!

Mnsrrt M.
I love this soap.

Leave the skin so soft, radiant and moisturized. Most of the acne is cleared up easily. I also use this soap for do a scrub with sugar and is so gentle with my skin.