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KP Duty dermatologist moisturizing therapy for dry skin


Christina T.

I grew up with keratosis pilaris on my arms so I have never knew of a life without chicken bumps. A co-worker of mine suggested me to try this since she had the same issues and it was a life-saver for her. For a hefty $36 for this 4 ounce, I was a bit hesitant but I gave into the raving review. Goodness gracious, why did I wait until my 20's to use this baby? I used it religiously in the morning and right after my showers at night and within one month, my arms were smooth like a babies behind! My arms do not look flawless but the texture is smooth and it looks much better than before. This has also soothed my cracked elbows, knees, and hands during the winter time. I think this product is totally worth it!

Cynthia M.

I had keratosis pilaris on my arms and tried this cream, some how it doesn't reduce or clear up as much as it would.