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Blemish Treatment Primer


Trisha W.
Super fast blemish killer!!!!

Ok...let me first start off by saying I am grateful to have clear skin...hond on don't throw tomatoes at me just yet! Because while my skin is clear 99% of time there are a few days out of the month that all of a sudden the biggest underground acne spots set up camp and poise themselves to torture me! I'm talking about the ones under the surface that actually hurt your face and cause that area to swell and turn bright red...yep those ones! So I was happy to find a product that not only work at killing the volcanic eruption otherwise known as acne but that it would also protect my skin while it was treating it I was all in! Here's the get a pick at it make it all angry and then you put makeup all over it to hide it...well that poor irritated spot of skin needs to be protected from makeup! Makeup can cause further irritation and infection as well as add to the congestion in that area. So the Cover FX Blemish Treatment Primer puts a nice little barrier over that angry little spot on you skin to protect it while it destroys the zit.

Bottom line: the minute I start feeling a zit coming on I spot treat it morning noon and night with this treatment primer and instead of it taking 5 days to go away and return to normal it typically only takes 24 hours of treating it!! Miracles are possible!!

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Delilah J.

I was beyond shocked this actually worked. I don't have many blemishes but when I do, wearing makeup only makes them worse. After using this one time, it reduced my blemishes making them almost gone and didn't make them worse. This is one of those products I didn't expect must from but am so glad I purchased it.

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Ashley Y.

I only use this on my nose because I mostly get oily there (and I currently have a volcano on it). This definitely keeps that area matte. Once, I used it all over my face, and it made me look SUPER matte, which is not my preference, but oily-skin will love it. I am not sure about the anti-blemish property, but my volcano has not evolved ever since I've been using this in combo with spot treatment and an anti-blemish serum.

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Ronnie R.

This stuff really does work to let you cover up a pimple/blemish successfully. Apply, wait till dry, and cover up. Doesn't make you look like you "tried" hard to cover a blemish.

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