Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder


Nancy-Lee C.
I have used this for +15 years!

I love this powder. LOVE IT. I actually own a silver compact called a "Forever Compact" that was refillable. Unfortunately Clinique no longer makes the refills or the compact. Anyhoo...

This powder offers light coverage with great shine control and oil absorption. The fragrance free formula is non-irritating and works on bare skin or foundation touch-up.

The mirrored compact comes with applicator, which you have to keep clean, especially if you are oily, or your oil transfer will cause those dark oil veins in the powder. I use MAC brush cleaner and clean the applicator every Sunday, when I clean the rest of my brushes. I will rebuy, no doubt!

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Beck H.
Love love loveeee!!

Worth the 20-ish dollars. I get all my stuff from Target ;). BUT this is worth every penny. It last me about 3 months and has the perfect coverage. Whether I wear liquid underneath of not it doesn't matter. It make the perfect finish. I love it and would recommend it to any skin type.

Liz W.

I bought this powder to help control my shiny face. I love it, it sops up excess oil without getting cakey. I do suggest using a brush to apply it, the puff it comes with can make it look rather heavy.

Julie A.

Since my skin is in good conditon I don't wear any liquid foundations, just concealer and powder. Over the years I've tried a ton of powders, but this has been one that I repeatedly go back to and repurchase. It leaves my skin looking flawless, never powdery or dry. It photographs really nicely too, which I think has something to do with its mattifying properties.

I'm the shade Stay Golden, which is a tad too dark but it gives my face a nice glow. Clinque products have never let me down and the prices are wonderful (this retails for $20). Other high end powders like this will cost up to $15 more. Highly suggest!

Riana T.

It took me awhile to find the right kind of pressed powder that wouldn't irritate my skin and luckily the talented sales associates at Sephora helped me out with this one.

My skin can get very oily and it's easy for me to break out if I don't use the right kind of product.

I love the way this powder feels, it's very light and not cakey. When you put it on, it's very translucent so it doesn't affect your skin color at all. I also love how affordable it was.

So far it hasn't affected my skin in a bad way, in fact, ever since I started using it, I feel that my skin's acne has been improving a lot.

Sechil M.
It's the best matte powder for my combinated skin.

I liked this product so much. I had it in ' Invisible Matte' and it's a must-have product. I love the matte finish that it gives. Perfect for absorbing the shiny spots and it also has a good coverage. I am glad that I bough it. =]


Eunice G.
Perfect with or without foundation

If I'm in a hurry or don't want to put on too much makeup, I just use this powder after my 3-step. It keeps my face from looking oily and it gives my a fresh look. I've used many other powders and this is the best one that I have used.

Nia S.

This powder is THE BEST EVER lol. I love it. All you need is a moisturizer & then sweep this over ur face. It's very light & sheer but its amazing coverage at the same time. Your face gets a naturally flawless matte look. Every time i wear it i get those "u have such pretty skin" compliments. It's just the perfect go to powder esp. for the summer. I believe its about $19 & im on my 4th compact. =) Blends like dream

Dani C.

I have combination skin and my T-zone gets super oily and shiny even after an hour or 2. This is the best pressed powder to get rid of shine and absorb oil. Of all the ones I've tried, it applies flawlessly and blends really nicely without caking or being blotchy.

Jennifer G.

Great coverage and perfect match for my skin. It helps to control oilyness for the most part and it's very light. I'll probably stick to this one for a long time!