High Lengths Mascara

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Dinah D.
This is great!

I love this mascara in fact I need another one lol. I love the brush I think that is the secret as to what makes this mascara so great. The brush really helps to comb the lashes and gets you to separate them really well. I love this mascara!

Sarah M.

AWESOME! I can't think of anything bad to say about this product... and it even has a super cool awesomesauce lime green brush! It holds curl suuuuper well...does not clump or flake... makes my lashes look longer and it's super amazing. I find that it is one of my favorite mascaras and it's cheap :D

Dani V.

The brush took me for surprise. It not the normal all around brush. The mascara is like no other mascara. It still have clumps but not so many. The good thing is not a big mascara.

Shawna R.

I LOVVVVEE this mascara! I got this as a gift and I ended up in love with it! I have love eye lashes and this makes them full and beautiful!

Luna V.
Photo of product included with review by Luna V.

I've never been fussy about mascara. Considering the life-span of the product, I don't buy expensive mascaras, and considering the daily-wear aspect of it I don't buy anything you need to fuss with either. I don't want to have to use a comb to separate my lashes, I don't want to have to apply coat after coat to get results.

I bought this product because I had run out of my previous mascaras and wanted a cruelty-free option. I've tried MAC mascaras, which I liked, but they aren't my HG. Plus, I was intrigued by the little comb applicator. I figured with bristles so small, there's no way my lashes could get spidery on days when I'm less-than-meticulously-careful.

This product delivered everything I hoped it would. The formula applies smoothly and evenly, and the brush makes it incredibly easy to get all the way down to the lash roots and coat every last millimeter. I have horribly sensitive eyes and have never been able to get all the way down without burning or scratching or otherwise blinding myself temporarily--but this DOES NOT BURN, and the applicator is smooth on all sides except the toothed comb so you don't scratch yourself.

This mascara is pure love in a bottle. If you're looking to get wide-open, dramatic eyes, this is the mascara for you. It doesn't flake, doesn't run, and with just one coat gives an instant false-lash look. It's a little trickier to remove than other mascaras I've used, but with a little extra attention (and a fresh swab soaked in jojoba oil) it does wash off nicely.

Iva G.
Beautiful separation and definition

I got this mascara as a sample and didn’t know anything about it, that’s why my first reaction after seeing its wand was: What the hell?! Why they have to go all crazy when it comes to wands?! The brush-comb I could manage, but what should I do with this one?? Is it really mascara?! (jup, I checked it)

The wand turned out to be doing exactly what it’ supposed to do – I can feel it catching on every single lash. However, it takes me a little bit of positioning to get it to align with my lashes, especially on the outer corners, for which I mostly blame the length of the wand.

Texture is liquid which allows better adherence to the lashes, coating them in rich black color. Still, you should be quite careful when taking out the wand from the bottle, since there’s usually too much product on it and getting all that on your lashes can lead to an unflattering result. Longevity is impressive and removing is effortless.

Michaela C.
Best mascara I've used yet

I've found that I don't really like high end mascaras, but this is great. I started using it because a friend of mine has it, and one night I left my mascara at home. After that, I used it more and more and finally bought a bottle for myself. The thin, curved brush makes it so easy to get into the inner corners of your eyes. It does clump some, but it makes my eyelashes look great.

Liyah M.
Hate It!

My friend recomended this mascara to me and all i have to say is that it sucks. It made my lashes clumpy and made them look like spider legs. I will stick with my favorite Maybelline