China Glaze

Nail Laquer


Marina M.
My favourite nail polish brand!

China Glaze has so manyyy beautiful,rich and trendy shades for every season,and it just gets bigger and richer. Everyone can find the right shade for them (although I found too many of them haha).Honestly,the only thing that can get better ,is the BRUSH cause I prefer bigger brushes.Next to the Seche who has better brushes but not so rich color palette,CG is my fave nail polish brand.The price is good also.It's cheaper than Essie and OPI (in my country) .

Helena A.

good american brand. i like rich colours, long lasting polishes. it dries in a minute. pigmentation is very high. if it costs cheaper i would buy these polishes more often. i reccomend))

Jen S.
I absolutely love this brand of nail polish

It goes on so clear and it doesn't clump. It lasted me 2 weeks and up when I painted my toenails with this brand. It was worth the price tag if I had my way I would have every colour/set!!! I had my toenails painted royal blue to go with my dress.

Bailey F.

These are by far, hands down my nail polishes! The colors are beautiful! Huge selection, long lasting! They are amazing! Favorite brand! They work good. I love the color selection they have. They aren't the cheapest nail polish brand but they are know where near expensive.

Ashley  M.
This was okay.

I loved the color. I planned on wearing for St. Patrick's day. so I put on a few days before and it chipped the next day. I've had problems with a few of the polishes from them.

Lyndsie  T.

Many colors certain ones have weird dry time nice color pay off great on toes great selection for summer and bright colors some chipping but I am hard on my nails best used on falsies

Emily W.
Pretty colors, but not worth the price.

I really love the colors from this brand, but I just can't make myself love the formula. The polish requires at least two coats, which wouldn't be a problem except that it takes forever and a day to dry! Once dry, this polish will chip within hours without a top coat. With a top coat (either China Glaze, Seche Vite, or Out the Door) it will last a couple of days. I'm not particularly hard on my nails, so there is really no reason for it to chip so quickly.

Not worth the $6-8 price tag.

Trea B.

I bought this after hearing great thing but I wasn't impressed with it... It takes a long time to dry, chips, and you need multiple coats if you don't want it to he sheet. The colors were great but I won't be buying these again.

Mariah T.

This brand of nail polish chips by the next day😡 really pretty colors tho but isn't long lasting like I expected... If you want it to last long put a top coat!!

Tiffany B.
Neon Pink

Loveee this color...this is usually my go to summer color...It always looks great on my toes and hands! if you have a summer tan or naturally tanned skin this will look wonderful on you...I just wish it did not chip so fast..other than that it's a winner!!