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Pretty Youth Glow Filter & Cheek Hug Brush

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Stephanie  S.
Charlotte you let me down

I have alot of Charlotte Tilbury products I love however I was so disappointed in this product. It just is not worth the price tag.

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Jo E.
Takes getting used to

First off, is it worth 60 bucks? Probably not but I got it now so I’m gonna try and use it. I thought the brush was a gimmick but gave the products a shot first. I tired with my fingers, a sponge, and a bunch of different levels of brushes (natural, synthetic, dense, loose). It always seemed like the blush was too hard to pick up or almost disintegrated into powder too fast. Then I did what they said and used the brush it came with and wouldn’t you know, it works the best. Even though the highlight isn’t strong I think when mixed with the blush it gives a subtle glow. I’ve been using it daily since I got it now that I figured out how to do it.

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Jen S.

This is wonderful on my fair skin.. the brush makes for precise application and the pigment is great🥰

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Alicia magdalena L.
I love it

I don’t know why some girls said it was dificult to put in, I was worried for that, but now that I have it and I use it.. it was very easy to use it, and it looks very natural, I really like it.

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April C.

Really isn’t worth the money spent. Really don’t care for the brush and the blush is extremely hard

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Heather M.
best over powder

This is kind of a troublesome product. It's a very powdery cream-powder formula, and tends to completely disappear when blended out unless I set my foundation first, even though I can get away with wearing CT Magic Foundation in shade 1 at the moment. It's not awful, but it's not great. I don't think it shows up enough, and the lighter shade in the compact does absolutely nothing on my skin at all, whether i self tan or not. It's possible that I should have chosen the brighter color choice, but given how pale I am that seems kind of ridiculous. The tone of the darker color in this compact is also SO realistic on terms of a flushed color, that I have to be careful about the placement or it looks like my foundation has worn off and my cheeks are just that color. Very odd problem to have. The brush is weird, but good quality. I'm tempted to try it with foundation because it's so dense and I can see it fitting nicely under the eyes and hugging the jawline. It definitely does work to blend the jawline for foundation, just might be a tad small of a contour shape for my giant cheek apples. (thanks grandma)

All in all, I don't really think it's worth the price. 50% off? Then it would be. I hate to say that because CT is the only brand I care about anymore, this product just isn't on the same level.

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Lisa H.

Normally I love l Charlottes products but this is a fail . Such little pigment in this . Unless you want a super natural flush I would pass... way too expensive too! :(

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