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Anuradha K.
Love the staying power

As you'll see on my blog below, I am very impressed with this blush. At first, I thought it was too orange for me, but it settles into a nice, healthy flush on my medium Indian skin.

Trish islandBesos A.
I used many but...

Cargo is one of my FAV blushes ever!!!!! i'm slightly obsessed wit the packaging =D The little tin that it comes in. I'm a lover of their bronzers as well and their HD Lipgloss with the hyaluranic Spheres & their blue ray foundations and powder. OMG i love everything cargo lol

Kim S.

I am in love with CARGO high def blu-ray blush and the sad thing is they don't sell it on sephora anymore and the one I have, they don't sell at all anymore and I DO NOT know why? The best blush I have used and it's so pretty. Just as Sheila Q. said "I don't have much left so I use it sparingly" ^_^

Sheila Q.

I was so sad when they discontinued the cargo line at the sephora here. My favorite blush is the shade tonga. It's subtle and soft, great for an every day blush. i don't have much left, so i try to use it sparingly. I love the way my cheeks glow when i use it.

Angel M.
Are you a women of Color?

For every woman I love cargo's blushes they are smooth in texture, blend amazingly, and have a stunning color pay off. For any woman of color Laguna blush by CARGO needs to be in you makeup arsenal. This shade of blush adds the natural flush of color to the cheeks of deeper skin tones the same way raisin from Mac adds color to the cheeks. If you don't own need to own it.

Jenny L.

I've tried it in stores and used ones that my friends own, but never been able to afford the tin myself. The colors match skin tones well, lasts a long time, and blends well. It's not overly shiny and has a healthy natural color to it.

Lisa K.
My favorite is Mendocino! LOVE!!!
Photo of product included with review by Lisa K.

You can still get Cargo online!

Sephora may have stopped carrying Cargo products but you can still order directly from their website.

If you don't want to order online, check out this page to find a store near you:

Mendocino is sold out on the website individually, but you can still get it as part of the new Mediterranean collection for summer (and the makeup bag is super cute!):

Kimberly P.
Key Largo
Photo of product included with review by Kimberly P.

I LOVE this blush! It's a perfect coral color for the summer! It does look super bright and unwearable, but once you find the right (fluffy) blush brush, you're going to be obsessed with it. I've used the blush about 10+ times and it literally still looks new. And yes, all their blushes are super pigmented!! I'm about ready to buy another cargo blush

Coco T.
Photo of product included with review by Coco T.

I completely agree with Maya! This is a rather pigmented blush, and when you take that into consideration with the size of the container, THEY GIVE YOU A LOT! I honestly think it will take me 10 years+ to finish this...and by then, I should have probably disposed of it..haha.

PS. In the photo it looks SUPER bright and orange, as it did in Sephora. However, in sunlight, it looks more like a bright orangey-coral

Maya C.
Good pigmentation, lots of product!

I bought this in Montecito a very, very long time ago and I still have plenty left. It's a light plumy pink color with a golden shimmer. I don't use this color often because I feel it's a little dark for my skin, but it does look nice with the right eyeshadow and lip color. These come with a huge amount of product, so that's a bonus. I doubt I'd ever run out of this color, or any other Cargo blushes I purchase in the future! I also like the packaging they come in, it's both cute and sturdy.