Calvin Klein

CK One Shock


Meghan F.

If this product had a longer stay time it would be in my collection for sure, Im addicted to sweet smelling scents. This one just has something spiecal and different than all the other sweet ones Im addicted too! However , half an hour later the smell is gone.:(

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I wrote a review about this one! Discovered it when it came out a few weeks ago at Sephora the day I discovered Fendi’s new perfume Fan Di Fendi. t first, I thought this fragrance was just okay, and similar to another fragrance I’ve tried before… but when I went back and tried the CK One Shock for her again, it grew on me. I believe it had to do with the citrus tones it had… I seem to like any citrus scent. Never said this about a fragrance before, but I’d say this one’s cheery.

Maryam B.

I purchased this scent about a month ago and I'm in love! I have totally neglected all my other scents for this! Its sexy and sweet without smelling "young". Love!