Aileen O.
Not impressed

The structure is extremely weak. Looks and feels really cheap. I’ll need to try to salvage it with superglue.

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Karen L.

The item looks to be made well except I received it broken. Apparently the columns that hold the pieces together were jarred loose in shipping. I will have to glue it back together to be able to use it. Brushes will topple over if you leave it un attached

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Em G.
Very unhappy
Photo of product included with review by Em G.

This product came in pieces. The bottom part has broken and therefore, made the top part wobbly. I can't even use it without it topping over. So disappointed as I was really looking forward to this item sitting on my make up table beautifully! :(

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Margaret S.
Great idea but kind of flimsy

Not sure I put it together properly. It tilts to one side when you turn it. Seems very flimsy.

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Monica O. Team
Clean, Neat and Organized

This brush holder is the best! I have so many brushes and organizing them always seems to be a struggle.

Rather than sitting them in cups or jars on my desk, I decided to purchase the roundabout and it was one of the best purchases I've made.

I already own some of their brush trees and thought that this spinning stand would be perfect for storage... boy was I right! I am able to store all of my brushes on the roundabout after I have washed and dried them and when I need to use them, I can reach them all with ease. Just spin, grab and use.

Aside from being so functional, it looks so beautiful displayed on my desk.

If you are needing a little organization in your life, try this out. You won't be disappointed ;-)

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Erica S.
Poorly Made Junk
Photo of product included with review by Erica S.

My dear friend ordered me this Benjabelle Roundabout makeup brush holder for Christmas and when I unwrapped it from its original box, it came out broken the bottom carousel (which it was allows the holder to rotate) was unattached and the middle section and clear sticks that hold the layers together were all unattached which look like they were poorly hot glue gunned together from the start. She called Beautylish and they apologized and had another one send out. I just reopened the new Benjabelle Roundabout it came even more broken than the original one that was ordered. It looks like a 5 year old put it together with a glue gun and then was dropped off a 10 story building. AWFUL.

There are plenty of other brush holders out there that are better quality for the same price. Please ladies don't waste your time or money.

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Shantelle  S.
Love it!
Photo of product included with review by Shantelle  S.

It is so pretty sitting on my vanity but also functional. It fits all my brushes that were in 2 cups. I have face brushes on one side and eye brushes on the other. I was nervous to order because I was not sure if it would be sturdy but so far so good. This did not come apart or break when I have walked to bathroom with it to clean my brushes. It spins so you can see all the brushes and the holes where the brushes go have a grip so they don't fall. I'm in love.

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Cheyenne B.
Aesthetically pleasing, but absolutely useless

I set this up yesterday and it looked great! However, it started falling apart when I put my makeup on, and utilizing my brushes. For something so pricey, I hoped it would be better made. I'm sorely disappointed.

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