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Drying your makeup brushes bristles-up may compromise their construction, and laying them flat on the counter takes up a ton of space. Benjabelle Brush Trees solve both problems! Each is handmade in Madison, Wisconsin and designed to hold brushes in the proper position—bristles-down—so they dry without water seeping in. That means your beloved brushes will last for the long haul. Bonus: they’re completely collapsible for easy storage.

Dry Your Makeup Brushes Without Damaging Them!

We’ve learned from Wayne Goss that drying brushes bristles-up in a jar is a no-no; water can seep down into the ferrule and start to break down the glue and general construction. And what can you do short of throwing a towel down on your counter or vanity, spreading out your collection, and just sitting tight until all the bristles are dry? Enter Benjabelle, a line founded in 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin by a couple, Ben and Jan (officially Benjamin and Jannabelle). Jan gets credit for the lightbulb moment, which came one night as she was going through her brush-cleaning routine...

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