Benefit Cosmetics

Lip Gloss


Priyanki V.
Not so happy...

I was so excited when I first got this product but when I tried it out the lip gloss was so sticky. The color is great but it feels a little too sticky, and after I remove it, it makes my lips feel very dry.

Chrissy S.

Goes on smoothly feels good.This lipgloss is perfect for an everyday look, I don't have to keep applying it on all the time its last all day.Even when I drink or eat something it doesn't really smudge.This is one of my favorites been using it for over a year now.

Jenna D.
Mixed feelings

This lip gloss has great color and pigment. It goes on smoothly, and it isn't very sticky, but smells horrible. I can even smell it while it's on my face.

Christina M.

Great product!!!! Smells good, feels smooth. I tend to buy lip products that are universal for my daily needs. This product is recommended, try it out and post comments or write a review!

Morgan B.
Shiny, very pretty

I have the violet shade of this lipgloss. At first, the color seemed very bright in the package, but when I just apply a few short strokes to moisturized lips, it's very subtle. The shade also photographs well, and I'm planning on using it more often.

Brittany Z.

I like everything about this produce except for the applicator. Mine is a small little brush. It would be better if it had a spong applicator. I love that it's not sticky and the color is very nice. It's also long lasting

Brenda R.
perfect formulation

this product goes onto the lips very smoothly and is not sticky at all, which is one of my main concerns with lipgloss, the scent is nice without being too overpowering and the color is pigmented well

Veronica S.
For Ever in Love

This.. One.. I loooooove it is so creamy and look so good to you lips make them look fuller and cute!! I recommend this one for sure. Everytime a put makeup one this lipgloss come to my lips.

Alessandra C.

Yesss! I was looking for a new lipgloss I use to always wear MAC but now I've fallen inlove with Benefit! It lasts about a month n its fruity smelling n I love all the shades!

Angela W.
My current favorite.

So far I've tried most of the colors and I really like them all. They're super lightweight and not sticky at all. They smell good and the applicators are bomb. What more can you ask for?