Benefit Cosmetics

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Full Coverage Cream Concealer


Alina A.
Great for light coverage.

The concealer stays put, is sheer to medium coverage, and not as creamy. Compared to Nars Soft Matte Concealer, Benefit's Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer has a sheer to medium coverage and isn't as creamy.

Mathilde M.

I can't stress this enough. The Boiing concealer is just perfect. I have very dark under-eyes, and this product conceals every little imperfection. It looks very natural, and will stay on for soooo long. If i don't want to wear makeup one day, but I still want to cover my dark circles, i apply a dash of this and it will litterally stay on unill I wash it of. For an extra coverage, i would use the Benefit stay flawless powder on top. As for the application, i use my index finger to warm up the product, and i also apply it with my finger.

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Hannah L.

I got this in a little sample duo at Ulta and I was not pleased. I was excited to try it because I love Benefit products but I don't think that the coverage is good with this product. I think that maybe people with less harsh blemishes and scars will do well with this product, but I need my heavy duty concealers!

Fruity M.

This concealer is good if used properly. Personally it works great for me, but I feel like it wouldn't work on a person with dry skin, it would be difficult to blend in and would just look cakey. However it works wonders on me. If benefit came out with a liquid version it would mean the world to me! Enjoy! 😘

Wendy Z.
Oh no! Looks cakey on me.

This concealer is terrible looks extremely cakey on my normal skin I could not wear this so I gave this concealer to my friend she is happy with it.

Molly N.
Not for me

I wanted to try this for sooo long! I finally bought it and was truly disappointed! It has a thick and cremey substance and it just don't glide on! It don't blend well and it it looks so cakey! My collection lasting perfection concealer does such a better job at a fraction of the price

Hannah B.
Great for summer

It's one of the first product I bought from Benefit. It's quite nice when you use it in the right time. I prefer to use this concealer in the summer because the weather is hot and it helps to blend the concealer better. It gives you medium coverage. If you're looking for full coverage this won't do.

Winter time is the worst time to use this concealer because it become quite hard and dry :D

Anna K.
Love it!

I was a little hesitant to buy this because after reading so many reviews not all of them were that great. I've had this for a few days and I love it! I only use this for the dark circles under my eyes and putting this on is literally like I took an eraser and erased my dark circles. Best concealer I've used for dark circles.

Gabby P.

pretty good and creamy but very thin formula. I guess that is good if you don't need much coverage. I have slightly oily skin and I see it set into the fine lines under my eyes :/

Jenna D.

I'm so disappointed that Benefit has changed the shade range. I used to be able to wear shade 01, but now it's too dark. It was the perfect match before. Other than that, the coverage was decent and it had an acceptable amount of wear time.