Barry M

Lip Paint


Charli W.
My All-Time Favourite Lipstick!

I wear a lot of lipstick and other lip products, and for me Barry M Lip Paints are just the ultimate. They glide on very smoothly, and give a nice finish that is somewhere between a matte and a shiny - and not too much either way. The colours are extremely varied and really long lasting; with this shade (one of my favourites!) I've had the red last for up to 6 hours without reapplying. However, due to its creamy texture, don't expect instant drying - there will almost definitely be lipstick marks on your morning coffee cup!

Sammy C.

Where do i start with this lipstick! I love the colour its a gorgeous frosty icing baby pink ive been looking for a baby pink like this everywhere and no lipstick comes close! I always buy 3 of these lipsticks they are my favourite shade from barry m. You would only need one coat and its a lovely pale barbie pink if your a pink lippy lover then you should try this it wont let you down!

Lucy E.

I have fallen in love with these Barry m lip products. They really do last for a long time and stay on there for a lot longer then other lip products i have had in the past. But i do find that they can dry them out so i i either use a lipgloss or a lipbalm with them and it makes them look even more beautiful. My favourite colour at the moment is 147 is such a gorgeous peachy matte. They are a serious must have as they are only £4 something. Amazing!!!!!

Kamara B.
100 is my fav!

This shade of Barry M is amazing, I love all Barry M lip paints, I just think they're so great, the quality of them is fab, they last really well! Also I find that the shade 100 is very close to a shade from MAC (can't remember which shade) but it's alot cheap which is a great plus side! Must Have, Definitely! BUY MEEEE! <3 xx

Andi F.
The best!
Photo of product included with review by Andi F.

This is the best lipstick I've ever found. They're the most reasonable brand I've found black lipstick from. The colours are bright, strong and long wearing. They're not sticky or bleedy, just right. The lipsticks are also very moisterising.

Emma K.
Bright and stay on a long time too

OK so i love Bright lipsticks my fav is 62 bright pink! it stays on through drinking...and even eating toast haha its kind of dry though so i apply my eos lip balm first and it glided on. can look streaky if applied funny but i don't have much of a problem with it. looks great and doesn't go on my teeth which is a bonus!

Hannah K.
Omg it's green!

Okay, so when I fist saw this, I said to my friend "it's green...". However, I soon realised that TMLP stands for Turn My Lips Pink! This product reacts to the melatonin in your skin and turns your very own shade of pink! Mine is a bright, gorgeous fuschia pink and is incredibly long-lasting. What I mean by long-lasting is that it doesn't come off from kissing, eating, drinking and I'm lucky if my makeup remover takes it off. I went out last Saturday night and even on Sunday afternoon I still had it on. It starts off as a lipstick which then stains your lips. It's incredibly pigmented and non-drying, which is fantastic for someone who is prone to extremely dry lips. I love this lipstick and it was very cheap, it's my go-to for everyday!

Luri B.
LOVE this color!

This shade is probably my favourite lipstick! It's a bright pink shade which really stands out and has a lovely texture. Very valuable for the money and a long lasting staying power (except if you're eating something)!

Dani D.
Can't ask for more!

These are great, the pigments are strong, the textures are great and they cost under £5, what more can you ask for?! They may not be as long lasting as other products, but with teh right application they can last.

Andi F.

I don't really know what's in this, but it goes from green to pink! It's a very subtle and will vary daily. It's also very moist and softens my lips, it requires very little effort and it's so wearable.