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bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation


Nicole G.

The bare minerals original powder foundation is an overall great product. It gives light-medium coverage, and evens out your skin tone. Plus, you can barely tell you are even wearing makeup when you are wearing this product. It has a great formula that is very gentle with your skin, even sensitive skin. It is also very healthy for your skin and VERY rarely to never causes breakouts. It's a fantastic foundation! Take note: if you are considering buying this product, you must go into sephora or bare minerals to have a color match. When I was in sephora I was about to purchase this product just from my own judgement. Then one of the women there told me I chose a color much too light for my skintone and when I put it on it will look chalky. She tried out several colors on me and found the right one. Since there are over 20 colors, ordering online or getting it without assistance isn't an option.

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Hanah F.
Mattifying + Oil-Absorbing + Good Coverage

I have oily/combination skin so my main goal is to choose a foundation that will help me absorb the oil while giving me that "mattified" look.

1. Good coverage: light scarring due to acne; uneven skin tone; blemishes; pimples

2. Doesn't leave you naked: BM is not just your ordinary make-up, it serves as your skin's umbrella too. Good, eh?

3. Naturally Nature Friendly: This product doesn't contain yucky chemicals. Well, you might protest a little bit about Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. I did too. But, after doing some research I learned that Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are compounds that are also used in anti-dandruff shampoos, calamine lotion (relieves itchy skin), UV sunscreens, and it also has antibacterial properties. Also, it stays on the surface of the skin. Thus, making the product hypo-allergenic and non-irritating.

Dirt on your face: It contains Kaolin Clay which is amazing for oil absorption.

Will not rob your wallet: Unlike other expensive foundations (hint,hint MAC), BareMInerals is actually affordable. It's only $28 dollars per jar and it lasts me about 2-3 months. Swirl. Tap. Buff. Dance. Somersault.

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Lauren C.
Great for oily skin

This foundation is fantastic. I have sensitive skin and I am prone to break outs. I have been using this product for years. I have combination skin. When I have oily skin, this is perfect to absorb the oils. I especially recommend this to anyone with oily skin. It feels like nothing is on the skin, and looks natural. The great thing is it is buildable.

Sandra J.

I purchased this foundation because I would see beauty gurus always raving about it and I would see the results too! So on a trip to Sephora I decided to purchase it. I do not regret it a bit! It gives such a amazing coverage, it leaves my skin looking flawless and it is such a light weight in the skin! The only one thing that I wish is that it would last for a longer time, but I later purchased the primer for the foundation and it makes it more long wearing and it leaves a smooth face to prep for the foundation. I definitely recommend it!

Brooke M.

I absolutely love this foundation! I had ran out of my original bareminerals foundation and they were all out of this kind at Spehora. To find the closest to it I picked up the matte powder. I actually like this better then the original. It blends nice and evenly, covers my blemishes and stays on for a long period of time. I definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Danielle B.
Best Foundation I've ever used.

For years I have struggled with trying to find a good foundation that wouldn't smear almost completely off my face half way through the day due to my oily skin. But for the longest time I couldn't allow myself to spend the higher prices for make up and instead bought drug store make up which all failed horribly. I'm so glad I decided to switch to Bare Minerals. It's not cheap but it does exactly what I want it to do and barely have to touch it up at all. I do recomend using a moisturizer and a primer underneath this foundation though. You will have to use way less product than using it without them I've found. I also recomend a concealer underneath if you are looking for full coverage. It covers well by itself, but the concealer helps cover redness and any imperfections and gives a totally flawless look. Also doesn't break my skin out and does do a lot to control oil unlike other make ups. With using clean and clear oil blotting sheets and doing light touch ups like twice, I kept this make up on and looking flawless for more than 12 hours just today while attending an event held several hours away.

Micaela M.

I never really wore foundation before because I felt like any products I would use would make me look orange. I tried this about 3 years ago and fell in love from the start! It is so natural and looks like YOUR skin. It just covers what it needs to cover. I have the lightest shade and it matches perfectly on my skin. I like the ORIGINAL formula for winter, and the MATTE formula for summer because of the heat/my oily skin during this time. All in all, I think everyone should use this product. It has amazing coverage and makes you look healthy and radiant.

marcella e.
tried and love it!

i tried this product because my sister recommended it and it was 4years ago. i forgot the price, i guess around 20 something. my skin is combination during winter, and oily during summer lol since i live in 4season country now. i've been looking for this powder when i run out of it, even tried YSL and cost me almost usd100 but i still love bareminerals powder! really light, no need too much powder, make my skin look flawless! i even have 3 in my makeup case now, dont want to change to other product!

Paloma C.
best foundation ever.

I started using this foundation about two years ago and the quality is beyond amazing. it definitely covers up any blemishes and you can easily build it up to cover whatever else needed. its light and doesn't cake or crack on me! you put it on and it covers your pores and it just gives you a flawless finish. plus its helped out my skin and no break outs what so ever! I recommend this product to anyone who will splurge on foundation.

Fab K.
No breakouts. My weekend makeup

Okay, I just said weekend makeup because that's the time I usually give myself a break for full coverage liquid foundation. This is my go-to foundation when I do errands- something that doesn't require me to cake on foundation, etc. With a kabuki brush, it's tap and blend- so easy. Since it's natural- based, I don't have problems with breakouts. I like that it's matte ( I have oily skin) and built- in SPF. Multi-tasking in one.