Anna Sui

Minnie Mouse Makeup Kit


CPT- Lili R.
So disapointed

So i just hot this right now an im so disappointed this thing is so so so so tiny you cant even put a eyeshadow brush in it to get the color thats how tiny it is and for $50 its way to expensive if anything this should be worth $20- $25 no more this is not worth the money at all what so ever, im still keeping it reason being its minnie mouse i was planing to get the other one but after this one i wouldn't even dare do it, i wanted to buy the whole collection but not any more i dont want to be disappointed again

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Miss Mia S.

I love this! It's so cute! I got this from my parents and I love it. Although, for a $50 tin of very small products, it's not worth it. The products are great and the colors are really nice. It is really cute but in my opinion it's way too over priced.

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Chavela S.
Love it!

Love it...then again...I haven't touched the cosmetics themselves, lol. I love the packaging. Looks great on my shelf. #collectible If you are looking for amazing makeup to wear everyday then this is probably waaay too small for $50. Let's keep it 100, K? K. We're paying for the names Anna Sui and Disney and I would do it again if they come out with another color lipstick with the same Minnie head with maybe a different facial expression. I'd get that for my kid, too. So far the colors are too harsh for her (she's 6). We love collectibles! Deuces.

Suzanne S.
Cute Packaging. Small Products.

This is a very cute kit but the shadow and brush are very small and the colors kind of murky. I love the lipstick though - so cute. I probably won't ever use the lipstick because it would not be the same once used. Minnie's cute face is on it. I'll keep this in my closet and admire the adorable box and Minnie on the front. Anna Sui always does great collections and I'd love the kit in red but probably won't splurge on it. What could be cuter than Minnie? LOL!

Siimii S.
Not that good

The eyeshadow is small and the eyeshadow brush is small too. But the box and the lip stick is cute . I dont really like it . Is judt for funny and cute.

Grace L.

I was really disappointed with this product the colourable really didn't blend at all and clumped up as I applied, this is meant for the younger make up users and the colours are just to harsh for their pallet , not worth 1 penny