Beauty Product Reviews

Works for me!

These are really cute and smell wonderful, but they're a hassle to carry around. I don't carry a purse so I don't like bulky lip balms. I bought these to try out since they're really hyped right now. Since I don't carry them in my purse, I leave my lip balms in my car, and unfortunately, the e.o.s. melted and got stuck in the cap while I was in the mall! After cooling off in the air conditioning, it went back to normal, but I now feel like I can't take it anywhere (at least in the summer months). I love using the e.o.s. lip balm before bed because it lasts a long time, and when I wake up my lips still feel moisturized and dewy. It has been lasting longer than I expected, and I would have already had to purchase a new tube of Soft-Lips chap-stick by now, but the e.o.s. is still going strong!

The smell was nauseating

I purchased this a few weeks ago because so many girls are raving about it! I loved the design of the spray bottle, it made it a lot easier to spray my entire head of hair. The product has been working fine from what I can tell, but I don't like the smell of it as it is very strong and makes me feel nauseous.