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Beauty Product Reviews

ohhmygosh! Love these!

So I just filmed a Video where I talk about these specific products from NYX, I am absolutely In love with them! I'm pretty picky when It comes to lip products because some days I Dont feel like wearing a full face of make-up, so I'll just put on a lip product and head out the door. These are amazing. They go one creamy and and smooth and dry like a lipstick. if you have scars on your lips from anything, like cold sores or acne, or even maybe you bit your lip accidently... these are pigmented to cover that right up without having to apply thick layers. I have purchased two different shades, a nude (LONDON) and a vibrant pink (SAN PAULO) and I love them both, I'm thinking of getting every colour they carry. I know I sound like such a nut but Its hard to find something that works so damn well. lol