Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I first used this product when it came out and I worked on another counter, I thought it was a great idea and those mini tweezers are a life saver, I have never used a mini tweezers that were so good! also I like the fact that you get 3 brow colors, I used to use the medium shade when my hair was darker but since going blonde I now use the lightest shade. I carry this compact with me everywhere and when topping up or applying my makeup somewhere I cant get a mirror I always use this, the mirror is a great size for a handy compact.

Cons, because the outside of the case has a shiny finish it is almost always covered in finger prints which drive me loo-la!! haha! :) Also I rarely use the brow wax because I dont like using wax in general but when you use the powders eventually the powder falls into the wax which makes it look dirty which I really do not like! :(

But overall I am so glad I got this palette and will definitely re purchase once I finish this one but it will be a long time yet! :D

I like this product. It removes make up quiet quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film which was my initial concern when I first started got it but I was looking for something new to remove make up after a reaction to a cleanser. The balm quickly turns to a liquid that melts off your makeup quickly and I use two damp cotton pads to remove it. Its handy and doesn't take long and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Hope this helps!!

My go to liner!

This is my go to for eyeliner! No liquid or pencil liner can look as good or last as long. The color goes on great and the smooth creamy texture makes it so easy to use. I recommend this liner to everyone. My only problem is the brush that comes with it, I understand that it has to be small to fit in with the packaging but its a flat top brush which i don't like using for eyeliner, If it came with an angled brush it would be absolutely perfect!

Love this brush!

I own a lot of brushes but this brush is my favorite for blending shadows on the crease for the gorgeous smoky look! I have tried other brushes with the same shape but this one is a bit stiffer so keeps it shape while you blend instead of going flat, which makes it so easy to work with.