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I was that enough to receive this product and we are, it took me a little while to start using it but once I did I have become completely obsessed. I have a dry sensitive skin so I really like simple cleansers that are affective. As a make up artist I often have a face of make up to wash off and after I do my first cleanse with a cleansing balm and use this cleanser a completely cleans my skin it does not. I don’t feel any tightness or irritation. I love it so much it has really reminded me of my holy grail derma Logica special cleansing gel just a super effective cleanser that does not irritate the skin 10 out of 10 recommend

I really wanted to like this product from NIOD

I really wanted to like this product from NIOD, I’ve been a longtime fan of the Hylamide brand from Deciem for a couple of years now. NIOD is supposed to be the most advanced of the Deciem brands and I would hope so with the price tag of some of their items.

This was simply a miss for me, I did not notice as significant a boost in radiance as I would have liked to see. The formula is quite thin and upon application it doesn’t leave any kind of thick film. When I look at the picture I can see that the areas where the Photography fluid was applied are reflecting more like but meh, where is my “instant blur?” I was not looking for instantly flawless skin nor anything blinding or metallic but I did want to notice a difference upon application to the face and I just wasn’t as wow’d by it as I wanted to be. It has now since been returned and I am awaiting my refund. Nearly forgot to mention that another thing about this item that started off my impression of it in a negative way was that upon the initial opening the dropper wasn’t working it was stopped up with a booger of product that I had to use one of my embroidery needles to release it and activate the dropper. To me that says either the formula is bad or more likely these have been just sitting around because wiser people chose not to buy it.

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The gel liner of all gel liners.

The inglot gel in 77 is a bulletproof matte black that will last days if need be. Glides on smooth and dries in less than 10 seconds for a transfer free finish. Ultimate longevity and even holds in my watery waterline. Can't recommend it enough. That only gel liner you'll ever need.


Viseart has absolutely ruined other eyeshadows for me, the quality is just outstanding. Pigment? Check. Buttery Smooth? Check. Zero Fall Out? Check. I've never used eyeshadows that are so effortless to work with and give such a beautiful finish. I also thought it would be impossible to ever find neutral that actually carried enough pigment to be usable on dark skin. Viseart Neutral Mattes is THEE palette everyone should own. I've just ordered the Sultry Muse and I cannot wait to use it.

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I don't mean to be dramatic.....

But this is greatest gel eyeliner you'll ever use in your entire life. ^.^ Its the blacked liner I've ever used and the lasting power is insane I've been using this liner for almost four years. When I first started using it I was struggling to find a liner that wouldn't transfer onto my top lid with my oily hooded eyelids and AMC eyeliner saved me! While presently my lids are no longer excessively oily. This eyeliner is still my top choice you just can't beat the depth of the black and the lasting power.

Normally when I discover a product with such great lasting power the con is that it's a struggle to remove, but I've had no such problem with that with this product. While it is definitely waterproof it's removed easy with both a generic eye makeup remover and various cleansing oils! I highly recommend everyone try this and it has such an affordable price. Best ever!

Great coverage for dark skin

White eyeshadows that actually appear white on dark skin are few and far between with or without a base Tako by Sugarpill gives me great opacity from a soft white highlight to an 100% white out. Must have.


As someone who has dry and sometime sensitive I often find it quite difficult to get the smoothest result of my base makeup. I've used Lait-Crème Concentrè for over a year now as a moisturizer/primer for my makeup. It always allows my foundation to glide over my skin whereas before I would have foundation get patchy around dry areas. My absolute favorite thing about it is that even though it's an emollient cream it doesn't cause any separation or creasing with my foundation and it photographs beautifully. Must have for me.