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  • Social Experiment: The Makeup Counter

    Social Experiment: The Makeup Counter

    Ever had a negative experience shopping for makeup when you weren’t actually wearing any? Find out what happens to a barefaced Jasmine when she visits the makeup counter.

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  • The Secret To A Flawless Foundation Application

    The Secret To A Flawless Foundation Application

    You've found your perfect foundation hues, but what about application? Not knowing where to start and how to layer your makeup can sometimes be worse than having the wrong shade! Because many women of color have multiple skin tones on their face, it's especially important to master the tricks of blending. Keep reading as we dish simple tips for achieving complexion perfection.

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  • How-To: Double-Winged Liner

    How-To: Double-Winged Liner

    Beauties, we know many of you are dying to re-create the fab double-edged eye liner effect—so we’ll show you how! Keep reading for the easy step-by-step tutorial and learn how to give your eyes a dual advantage!

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