Beauty Product Reviews

Love :)

This mascara came as a sample with a set I had purchased online as a free gift. I have short and straight lashes that don't curl very far from my lash line. I am a multiple mascara user to make them look longer which can be time consuming when you're in a rush. This one allowed me to only use two coats and my lashes looked 10x longer. I love this mascara and I would recommend this to anyone who has short eyelashes!

Not for me

I have a combination of oily and dry skin and this product actually made the oily parts of my face oilier and made the rest look dryer. At first it seemed like it was working but after about 10 minutes it began to irritate my skin and caused my face to breakout. I would not recommend this to people with sensitive, dry or oily skin. I did not like the texture it gave my face. It left a white residue on my face that would not rub away and it smelled funny. But that's just me.

Final Thoughts : This is not for me but you'll never know unless you try it for yourself.


I've tried many brands of foundation but nothing covered as well as matched my skin tone so flawlessly as this one. I might be a little bias I use their skin care line as well but back to the point, I have never encountered any problems with the application of this product. This foundation is very lightweight and very breathable on the skin. I find it to be of good consistency it does not dry too quickly but fast enough that it is set and ready to go. I think this foundation is so amazing that sometimes I don't even put anything else but lip gloss and go. I would recommend this to anyone that wants coverage without feeling like your make up is caked on.

One of my Favorites

This is one of the best I've tried. I have very straight lashes with the tiniest curve at the corner of my eye. Not only did it add length it added amazing volume to my lashes. This mascara worked the best with my eye shape, I would recommend this product.


I purchased the black crackle polish for $7 at Walgreen's and I must say I was very disappointed with this brand. I have used Sally Hansen nail polish in the past and loved it. The polish was very thick and I had to shake the bottle to thin it out every couple of nails, and it did not apply well. Some areas crackled better than others but all in all it was not a good look for my nails at all. At first, I thought maybe its my nails so I tested it on someone with nails different from mine but no luck there either. Then I entertained the theory of having a bad bottle, I found another bottle and used it. But in the end it was still not working. In the end I would not recommend this brand of crackle polish to anyone. I would recommend OPI, China Glaze, or Barry M.