Beauty Product Reviews

works perfectly! i had really bad bacne (back acne), and in the second wash, it was COMPLETLY gone. even after my pimples went away, i continued to use this because it made me smell and feel fresh and clean. it really does get rid of any gross buildup you have, you can FEEL it after you wash. definatley recommended

i really cant say enough about this perfume, it smells HEAVENLY! and lasts all day! i actually got my first bottle when my great-grandma gave it to me a while back, and had it for at least two years, and the scent didnt change in the least bit. it makes you smell warm and cozy, but at the same time clean and fresh. its perfect for the daytime?work hours and brings you into a classy mood. i highly recommend this perfume.


its so cute and has the best colors! but, the color usually, i found, doesnt last as long as i would like it to. but Victoria's Secret has a huge selection of colors and can match ANY outfit or mood. these are fantastic to bring in a makeup bag or to have a collection of! i reccomend it!


one of the best smelling products in the store. i cant go a day in school without having to give somebody some of this! but it actually doesnt leave my hands that soft for too long, i have to keep using it! ( maybe they do that on purpose ;) ) but i dont mind that because it leaves me smelling fantastic!